Racial Drugs

By alan · Jun 29, 2005 · ·
  1. alan
    I have heard that the FDA has approved a drug purely on the basis ofrace. Is this true?

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  1. Sick Jack
    What do you mean exactly ???

    Banning marijuana in the 30s was in part a racist decision in order to better discriminate latinos and afro-american, who were by this times the main MJ consumers.

    But in this context I don't understand what you mean with "on the basis of race" ???
  2. sands of time
    I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but there probably is a logical reason a drug has been approved for people of a certain race, if that is what you mean. There is a drug that Asian people are not supposed to take, because they're body is slower to metabolize it.
  3. dletterman
  4. Sick Jack

    This new drug for black people stinks.... I would know what permits scientifically to say that a black person's heart and cardio-system works differently from a white one ?

    And FDA stinks too. For ex. it allowed distribution for VIOXX, even though evidences showed that this drug could cause heart attacks......... And on the other side they banned L-Tryptophan, which was used since years by people without big health problems. FDA works for the BigFarmas, not for the people's health protection...
  5. unico_walker
    While I agree the FDA is just a thug of the big pharmcos and the DEA, there may be a reason for this.

    Lactose intolerance is clearly somewhat race related, as is the
    frequency of enzyme deficiency. Like the enzyme that converts codeine
    into morphine and the one that metabolizes DXM is defective in a
    certain amount of caucasians.
  6. Sick Jack
    I read an article on reseauvoltaire.net (unfortunately in french - http://www.reseauvoltaire.net/article17401.html), and the text says that there is no scientific evidence of any specific efficiency of this drug for black people, it seems that this new concept was just a way to put a new patent on this brand new concept...

    Once again, it's a $$$ question and nothing to do with health........
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