Raid uncovered rare illegal drug

By honourableone · Aug 12, 2009 · ·
  1. honourableone
    A dealer caught with a stash of class A drugs at his home has been jailed for seven years.

    Police raided Richard Nigel Hall's address in Glazebrook Road, New Parks, Leicester, and seized drugs in the hallway and lounge.

    Leicester Crown Court was told that in 2002 Hall was also jailed for seven years for supplying class A drugs.

    Hall (41) pleaded guilty to possessing 24.09 grams of crack cocaine, with intent to supply, on February 17.

    He also admitted possessing 22.3 grams of fluoro-amphetamine, with intent to supply, on the same date.

    Jonathan Eley, prosecuting, said fluoro-amphetamine was an "extremely rare" drug.

    He said: "Local drugs intelligence have no knowledge or experience of it.
    "It is chemically altered amphetamine and classified as a class A drug, but there is no market value for it."

    Hall immediately admitted to police at the scene that the drugs were his.

    James Varley, defending, said Hall was aware, following his release from his last prison sentence in 2005, that the police would keep an eye on him and he stayed out of trouble until after July 2008.

    Mr Varley said: "He knew he was a target for the police."

    Hall returned to drug use for pain relief for a long-term back injury and soon became addicted to crack cocaine.

    Mr Varley said: "He's been a street dealer to fund his own use.

    "It was a surprise to him that he had fluoro-amphetamine.

    "He believed it to be regular amphetamine.

    "He wasn't trying to introduce some new wonder drug into Leicester," added Mr Varley.

    Passing sentence, Judge Sylvia De Bertodano said: "I accept you weren't trying to introduce some new and unusual drug into the area.

    "However, it's not the first time you've been convicted of supplying drugs.

    "If you go on supplying class A drugs you will continue to receive longer and longer sentences."

    By the Leicester Mercury, 3rd of July 2009
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  1. radiometer
    What an idiot, he thought it was plain unsubstituted amphetamine? Didn't anyone notice that the dosage required to achieve effects varied by about a factor of ten from what one would expect? Eddie sure would notice if he bought what he thought was amphetamine and it required 100mg+ to do much of anything...
  2. bubbly nubs
    In the UK typical street amphetamine is of a very low quality. Multiple grams can easily be taken in a night. The first time SWIM took amphetamine he took over 2 grams at once and was feeling fine (albeit quite wrecked). Doses this high are not uncommon for people in his area but the quality may just be at rock bottom, as so are the prices.
  3. cra$h
    What was he selling? He could have been using the amphetamine as a cutting agent if he's sellin coke.

    He said: "Local drugs intelligence have no knowledge or experience of it.
    "It is chemically altered amphetamine and classified as a class A drug, but there is no market value for it."

    this is absolutely rediculous. They admit to knowing nothing about a substance, except it's an amphetamine, but it's completely banned? What a great way to make progres....
  4. honourableone
    I came upon this by chance when I was checking through a big pile of leicester mercuries for work. I was under the impression tht 4-FA was legal in the UK, so this is enlightening.
  5. beizebopp
    SWIM was also quite sure that 4-FA was legal in the UK.. :s
  6. nibble
    The phenethylamine laws of the UK and Ireland catch ring-halogenated phenethylamines, both 4-FA and 4-FMA would be class A.
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