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  1. buseman
    Three separate raids in Sydney yesterday and today have culminated in the seizure of $1.5 million worth of cannabis, firearms and ammunition.

    In May this year, officers from North West Region Enforcement Squad commenced an investigation into the suspected cultivation of cannabis at various properties across Sydney.

    Shortly before midday, police raided a property on Old Hawkesbury Road at McGraths Hill.

    Inside the house, police allegedly located 265 cannabis plants growing in a hydroponics set-up.

    About 6.30pm, investigators searched a house on Greens Road at Lower Portland. They seized five firearms and ammunition.

    Investigators then raided a terrace house on Darlinghurst Road at Darlinghurst, where in six rooms over six levels they found 491 cannabis plants growing hydroponically.

    Police arrested a 51-year-old man at McGraths Hill yesterday who they will allege has links to all properties.

    He was taken to Windsor Police Station and charged with large commercial cultivation of cannabis, using electricity without authority and driving whilst disqualified.

    The man will appear at Parramatta Local Court later today.

    Saturday, 19 Jun 2010


  1. buseman
    $1.7 million cannabis uncovered - Bankstown

    Police have discovered cannabis worth $1.7 million dollars growing inside a house in Sydney’s southwest.

    About 11am yesterday, police raided the house on Conway Road at Bankstown and found 510 cannabis plants growing in a sophisticated hydroponics system.

    Police seized a large amount lighting, heating and irrigation equipment, plus chemicals and fertilizers.

    Officers remained at the location for most of the day while they dismantled the hydroponics operation.

    Investigators arrested a 36-year-old man at the house and took him to Bankstown Police Station.

    He has been charged with cultivating a large commercial quantity of a prohibited plant and refused bail.

    The man will appear at Parramatta Bail Court today.

    Saturday, 19 Jun 2010
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