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  1. knightsmith
    A guy reads a thread, he posts, (not just in here), he spends the time to think about the problem, offer a solution if theres need, and format it in a way people can understand.

    3 times this week i've copped an insult, when the post hasn't attacked, or criticized anyone in any way.

    Can anyone else relate to this? I used to be a programmer, my qualifications speak for my intelligence (back then)

    So the question is, does prolonged drug use really fry your brain? is there any way to help reverse such damage, if such damage insists? because I don't feel so good, the more I put myself out there, the more I feel I should retreat, and go back into the hole, which once provided me the comfort, but alsoisolation.

    I'm seeking information on this, not pity, the damage is already done I believe, and nobodys accoutable but me, no matter how much I go on about lack of awareness in 1999 on pain killer addiction.

    If you would like to use my experience in a study/essay/or anything related to educating others in drug addiction, you have my permission to copy and use my experience. If you need any questions answering, or anything expanding upon, please let me know.


  1. knightsmith
    I didn't see any feedback or response on this, i'd love to hear back from anyone on it.
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