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By RaverHippie · Jun 11, 2008 · ·
  1. RaverHippie
    A few days ago I was visiting my sister in northern virginia and was at a mall. I ran into my best friend that my made at college, who I thought was still back in nyc. I later learned she was in town not even for a whole day. It was very fortunate that we both went to the same mall since I saw many in the foreign suburbia of the Fairfax, VA area. The whole experience left me shocked in beautiful way. It reminded me that there are people out there that still mean a lot to me and that I mean a lot to them, even if I rarely see them, which was a great thing to be reminded of. I love her :vibes:(in a best friend sort of way).

    Secondly my favorite band, not associated with any form of electronic dance music, Sigur Ros, released their newest album and I loved it. It's only available to stream from their website and is available to be purchased later this month.

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  1. Metomni
    First of all, by loving Sigur Ros you've earned like, a billion points in my book. They're right up there in my book as the most beautiful music ever.

    Secondly, I know what you mean. SWIM had a conversation with a friend of his last night. They used to be brother/sister close and for some reason just ceased communication. After a good, sincere conversation they both found out what that some reason was and fixed it. After thinking she didn't give two shits anymore, it was discovered that that wasn't the problem at all and they were instantly as close as close can be once again.

    It's a beautiful thing to be allowed to see into the minds of other people and then have those minds actually care for you much more than you even thought possible. It's amazing to know that SWIM is not the only one that cares.
  2. Metomni
    Wow, I'm beginning to think that Sigur Ros is the one band that will NEVER dissapoint. What an amazing album. It even comes out on my birthday. I will be listening to this on loop for like, 7 weeks at least.
  3. Orchid_Suspiria
    I hate how all those little moments of random happiness for me get shot down by a bigger random moment of despair.
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