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Random musings and a plan!

  1. Nose Dive
    Well, I have decided to join the high society in keeping a blog every now and then. I say this but it’s incredibly likely that I will just write 1 or 2 entries then forget about it.

    My Bill has a real desire to air his thoughts about his plans to explore the world of narcotics. He says that he thinks he knows what he wants to achieve through his experimenting. He loves the feeling that E gives but is trying to make sure he only buys pure MDMA in the future and also the thing he loves more than anything is hallucinogenic substances, even though he has only tried Shrooms and Ket. LSD and DMT look very appealing now. There aren’t a lot of things readily available to him and he doesn’t have money right now but he doesn’t see any point to rush, he will have time. He just really wants to push the boundaries of the things the human mind can experience but of course, in a safe way.

    That’s another thing that’s been bothering him lately. He is sick of hearing about assholes abusing substances, going into A&E when they realise what they’ve done and then blame it on the substance in question. WHY the hell don’t people bother doing research before they choose to try something that deserves respect?


  1. savingJenniB
    My Aunt Tilly totally agrees with Bill. She's been experimenting with substances for nearly 40 years now. All the while she has managed to get a good education and has thrived in several professions and kept her health & wits about her ~ definitely not the stereotype druggie user/looser.

    She tells me to take responsibility for myself which is why I do so like this forum. People really do some research before posting and if they don't - they may regret it!!!

    "Do drugs. Don't let them do you." is what my Aunt always says.
  2. notts.pirate
    take it youve already forgot about your blog :laugh:

    totally agree with your comment about idiots abusing drugs tho fella
  3. Nose Dive
    Oh I duck in now and then!
    I just haven't had a lot to talk about :p
    I'm going to global gathering though, I may do a post about that! Can't wait.
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