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By moda00 · Mar 26, 2008 ·
  1. moda00
    For further updates, not related to the lecture notes above, I also saw SheShamans, a summary of women in shamanism and psychedelic tradition; Dennis McKenna; and Alex Grey, and will share those as well. My pics are shitty.. either I can't hold my camera right, or my camera is a $400 piece of sh!t. Lol. No, about half of the pics were really blurry, but some are great- got some good ones of the displays in the foyer, posters, letters, history, blotter, art, etc. but the power points during lectures and the speakers themselves were dificult to photograph. I will upload soon if I can do so on my laptop, otherwise will do it when i get home. Also I think my cam can record several minute video segments, so I can try this is anyone can guide me through uploading them as I've never done it, or request for what you'd like segments of... Bought some neat stuff, a book, a few cds of the LSD symposium lectures, a shirt, and a set of Pablo Amaringo notecards. The hotel is beautiful, the Swiss people are so hospitable, and I've been practicing my German (mostly "Sprechen sie Englisch?" Lol.) But I talked with the pharmacists about my "Methadon" in Deutch. So far so good, but it's clear and doesn't taste so good lol.

    As for psychedelics at the WPF... well not sure what to say on that, but I'm guesing people are wondering. During the program people actually go to the lectures (as one would expect), if people are high at all, it's on life, or serotonin, or caffeine, or possibly ganja- those at such a psychedelics forum would not likely endeavor to take a psychedelic journey in such a setting- but I can't vouch for the nightlife activities yet. It is lovely to see everyone, from the dread-headed and beaded, to the professionals and academics, and everyone in between, and all sorts of overlapping- external appearance is put aside in such a setting, and ones ideas or philosophy is not judged by their hairstyle or brand of shirt (unless the shirt says "drug geek," as some sold do, then it's a pretty good guess lol) Itis also fascinating to hear the speakers refer to very specific psychedelic experiences- to stand at the microphone, and in context, state "When I took LSD with so and so in 2003..." or "My first time tripping..." without fear of reprisal. It makes me so hopeful, even if this is rare, the one sanctuary in which I will probably experience this for some time to come (Well unless I hit Tuscon in three weeks- anyone headed to the conference? :)) ..It is beautiful. And the lectures have discussed ways in which this movement of freedom of consciousness is truly expanding and people are connecting and uniting around these ideas.

    Anyway, Swim didn't come with the intent to do any mind altering, to preface this little fable.. Swim also doesn't smoke ciggies, and smokes weed rarely these days, maybe twice or three times in the past year, but felt like smoking today as she was nauseous and edgy and jet-laggy whatever that means, and wanted to feel better and go to the lectures and all.. she went out on the smoking deck but felt really awkward asking strangers for drugs, that's just a no-no.. so of course she did not say anything and just chilled for a sec, using her nonverbal powers of persuasion to convey the "toke with me" look.. just kidding.. Finally someone asked her for a lighter, actually within about ten minutes, wasn't too hard, and she said "sorry, I don't smoke tobacco," and he said "neither do I." Lol.. smokage mission accomplished. Swim had about three good tokes, and got right blazed ;) A corncob too, reminded her of her very first pipe, almost identical (as corncobs tend to be..) Spent about an hour or more drawing on the drawing area during the break and wandering about blissfully, then took a bunch of notes on the presentations and talked with a bunch of random people (attendees and volunteers at the info booths).. That is day 1, ask if you have questions!!

    There was a Dead cover band tonight at a bar, 10-2 or something, but I wanted to stay in and get some typing and sleeping in. I probably won't do the nightlife thing for the most part, although the closing ceremony seems like a fascinating and well planned experience and while swim doesn't want to get her hopes up, she thinks it could be a transformative experience and thinks she'll go (but then again it's 14 hours, and she wants to go to the Grey's workshop... that said, those two things could go together quite well as long as sleep deprivation doesn't make it too tedious... anyone else have plans for that??)

    There is a bar in the foyer area, they have regular drinks which are kinda hidden, but they are called "Space Bar" or something and have these weird looking drinks with strange names featured.. I guess they are some sort of herbal liqeur.. I got one, a purple-y cocktail, out of curiousity, then was kinda weirded out that was drinking something that I didn't know the ingredients, so I went back and interrogated the staff of the booth about what was in it, and found out it was alcoholic and herbal both, with beet juice for color, apple juice, some other juice, and "Satyr" liqeur.. alcohol makes me sick sometimes, and I was already nauseous at first, so I didn't really drink it, and it tasted kinda strange.. but whatever. I was just weirded out that I didn't know what was in it, and they ade it out to be a drug, like the guy said some have waking effects, some have relaxing effects, etc. And shit, so does everything, lol- caffeine, and herbal tea, and shit that's all over the U.S., so I don't know why I was so weirded out.. but since there weren't ingredients and it was "herbal," plus being a new country and language to me, I was kinda weirded out at first.. No harm done... to think, I'm afraid of an herbal drink, lol.. learn something new all the time. And I guess better safe than sorry. Although the seeming contradiction reminds me of a book I am reading called "Predictably Irrational," very interesting subject matter..

    Oh and I've already talked with two friendly cops (they helped me find the Apotheke haha) and almost got run down by a tram (those damn things are everywhere lol)

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