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  1. buckcamp
    Legendary rapper Kurtis Blow was busted at LAX this morning after a TSA body scanner detected an item in his pocket -- a stash of weed, TMZ has learned.

    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the body scan detected "an anomaly' in his pants.

    Yes, we thought that was funny as well.
    A subsequent pat down revealed pot in his pocket.

    Kurtis received a ticket -- standard operating procedure when it's under an ounce -- and went on his merry way.

    These are the breaks.
    Next time Mr. Blow, try the pat down.

    Published December 02, 2010 | TMZ


  1. Wanderer
    So, the TSA isn't just looking for terrorists or weapons in the "Security Screening" process. This is a clear case of unreasonable search and seizure. By what authority could the TSA detain him and call in Law Enforcement to issue a "ticket?" He had no weapons on him which is presumably what the TSA are looking for.

    Again, the Hollywood celebrities, entertainers, and well, everyone especially those with political with influence should get behind this and the Willie Nelson's dilemma and start the raising this as a social issue with the "War on Drugs", "War on Terrorism", and unofficial "War on The People."

    Surely there must be people here in these forums who have affiliation with the ACLU, Politicians, in the legal profession, or are influential people themselves who could help start a grass-roots campaign to stop this senseless, waste of resources.

    Just SWIM and his hamster's $0.02...

    Be well...
  2. Killa Weigha
    "Terrorism" is the only way they could get these scanners into airports as it has been the justification for many other bullet holes in the Constitution since the "terrorists" blew up the towers and targeted the pentagon. Just like the Interstate roadblocks were struck down as unconstitutional so would have been the use of these scanners to catch dopers. But catching "terrorists" is the end justifying the, previously intolerable, means. Funny how the war on "terror" manages to ensnare so many citizens and expand it's definition, isn't it.
  3. SamanthaRabbit
    Legendary Rapper Arrested at LAX After Body-Scan Leads to Drug Bust

    Legendary Rapper Arrested at LAX

    A body scan detected "an anomaly" in Kurtis Blow's pocket and a pat-down revealed he was carrying pot

    LOS ANGELES ( KTLA) -- Legendary rapper, Kurtis Blow, was arrested Thursday morning at LAX on suspicion of possessing marijuana.

    According to TMZ.com, law enforcement officials said a new TSA body scan detected ""an anomaly" in the rapper's pocket and a pat-down revealed he was carrying pot.

    Blow received a ticket -- standard operating procedure when it's less than an ounce -- and was released.

    The bag of marijuana was confiscated.

    Blow began his career in the '70s, and has been lauded as a hip-hop pioneer.

    He is credited with becoming the first rapper to release a major-label album, and is best known for his 1980 single, "The Breaks," which became the first hip-hop song to be certified gold.

    December 2nd, 2010
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