Rapper Pimp C overdosed on codeine cough syrup

By nEone · Feb 5, 2008 · ·
  1. nEone
    I've never heard of this combo before - so maybe it's just a Southern thing.

    From the AP -

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  1. FrankenChrist
    Re: Rapper Pimp C OD'd on "Syrup"

    Don't they mean szzirp :p
  2. Mint boi
    Re: Rapper Pimp C OD'd on "Syrup"

    ^^^ lol
    i think it was "Sizzurp" but now thats just splitting hairs.
    I've always wondered how "syrup" is so popular, especially in this case, I mean surely a big rapper would be able to get something a little more hardcore or suited to his profession!! Always sad to see someone OD though.
  3. fnord
    Re: Rapper Pimp C OD'd on "Syrup"

    Where do they get this syrup? isn't it RX only?

    Why did they include that? Thats just sick imagine his friends and family reading that?
  4. lulz
    Re: Rapper Pimp C OD'd on "Syrup"

    Seems like quite a reckless drug of abuse. Apparently Phenergan w/ codeine is a very common codeine based cough syrup, and according to this table it contains 480 mg of codeine per bottle.

    Considering the LD-50 of codeine is 800 mg I'm surprised that ODs aren't more common among rappers who apparently drink a lot of the stuff. I hardly imagine they carefully measure out each dose while intoxicated, and at 10 mg per 5 ml it must be quite easy to consume larger amounts of codeine than intended.
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