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Rats blamed for missing marijuana in Nagpur

  1. Emilita
    [​IMG]Rats could have damaged packets of marijuana, says GRP.

    Rats are not known to consume marijuana, or quaff liquor, but in Nagpur they apparently do. At least, that’s what the Nagpur Government Railway Police would have you believe. According to sources, some 25 kg of seized marijuana and a large quantity of liquor from around 25 bottles have been found missing from the godown in which they were stored. When Mirror spoke to Abhay Panhekar, senior inspector, Nagpur GRP, he said that the drugs and the liquor were seized around five years ago, and he was not sure as to the amount, or the number of bottles that were missing, if at all.

    “The seized commodities were measured five years ago. It would be difficult for us to confirm if there has been any pilferage,” said Panhekar. “We do not have proper storage facilities for seized items, and we are at times forced to keep the drug on the floor, and maybe some rats could have been damaging the pouches in which the marijuana is kept.” Panhekar also added that the plastic liquor bottles, too, could have been damaged by rats, causing the spirit to evaporate.

    Sabherao Patil, superintendent of police, GRP, Nagpur, said that a new store-room was being built for seized items. “We will also be installing a CCTV in the store room.” Patil declined to comment on the missing quantities of marijuana and liquor. In January this year, the Railway Protection Force, Nagpur division, seized several consignments of liquor from two Chennai bound trains. The confiscated liquor was worth nearly Rs 2 crore. The RPF also seized 110 kg of marijuana the same week.

    Original Source

    Written by: Kamal Mishra, Mar 23, 2017, Rats blamed for missing marijuana in Nagpur, Mumbai Mirror


  1. aemetha
    I bet there is an update in a few days where the rats have squealed on their suppliers! Damned dirty rats!
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  2. detoxin momma
    i once saw a story on the news where mice/rats were contimating the chocolate at factories...there was some kind of study done at the major chocolate factories, like hershesys and gheradelli(spelling?)

    the most expensive chocolate had the highest traces of contamination from the mice, go figure....it was stated that the contamination from the mice was at such a low level it was still safe for human comsumption....

    so, if we can eat chocolate with rodent contaminants, why not weed:cool:
  3. perro-salchicha614
    This reminds me of a story I read a while back about birds that were stealing opium from poppy farmers in India. India is the only place where people who cultivate poppies legally use the scoring method, and the birds were plucking the opium from the outside of the pods before the farmers could collect it.

    Unsurprisingly, they couldn't get rid of the birds because once they got a taste, they'd just keep coming back again and again. ;)
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