Raver dies after taking ecstasy

By Abrad · Jun 3, 2006 · ·
  1. Abrad
    Jun 2 2006

    By Ben Ashford

    A RAVER died after taking ecstasy at South London's top music venue.

    The 26-year-old and his pals took the class-A drug at the Brixton Academy on Saturday night as it hosted a trance and hard-house event.

    He became ill in the early hours and went to a medical room inside the venue before being taken to hospital where he died at 4.30am on Sunday.

    Police seized a number of ecstasy pills similar to those he had swallowed but said there was "nothing unusual" about the batch.

    The 26-year-old - who has not been named by police - was thought to have been fit and healthy before attending the award-winning venue in Stockwell Park Road, which was hosting the Supernova rave event.

    Eight people fell ill in April after taking ecstasy at the Factory nightclub in Goding Street, Vauxhall, but all recovered.

    Police say Saturday's tragedy highlights the dangerous link between clubbing and illegal drug taking. It comes just weeks after officers swooped on suspected drug dealers at Brixton's Fridge nightclub and closed the venue for more than a month.

    Similar closures were promised across the borough if nightclub bosses failed to take action to keep their clubs free of drugs.

    Superintendent Stewart Low,in charge of policing Brixton, described the death as the "unnecessary loss of a young man's life".

    He said: "The links between clubbing events and drugs must be broken. Lambeth police work in partnership with clubs towards this objective.

    "Our recent raid at The Fridge nightclub highlights how strongly we feel on this point."

    None of the dead man's friends, who travelled to the club together from Brighton and all took ecstasy,were harmed.

    A post-mortem has been carried out and an inquest opened and adjourned. No arrests have been made.

    A Met spokesman said: "Lambeth CID continue to make enquiries as to the full circumstances of the incident, including the source of the drugs."

    Academy spokeswoman Louise Kovacs said: "We are liaising with the police over their inquiry and would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the friends and family of the deceased."

    For free and confidential advice on the risks of illegal drugs, call the Government's Frank advice line on 0800 77 66 00.

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  1. Micklemouse
    Here we go again... It'll be interesting to see what the coroners report says about this. The fact that 8 people all took ill shouldn't be overlooked perhaps, although 'falling ill' could mean anything from post-pill-puking to heat exhaustion to an actual adverse reaction to a dodgy batch of pills.

    Sad news, and likewise sympathies to family & friends of the deceased.
  2. enquirewithin
    I wonder how they determine that there was 'nothing unusual' about the pills-- they look like normal pills or they only contain MDMA? What was the coroner's verdict about the cause of death? You know that if you call that number you will not get 'free and confidential' advice on the risks of illegal drugs' if this article is anything to go by.
  3. KorSare
    While the death of someone so young is tragic, the real tragedy here is the lack of knowledge given to the public, and the lack of knowledge of the late drug consumer.

    I can't help but cringe at the ambiguity of this particular article, specifically the aforementioned "nothing unusual" quote. I also raise my eyebrow at the "was thought to have been fit and healthy before attending....." line. More clever drug propaganda here?

    A physically healthy and fit 26 year old person can drop dead after consuming a "usual" tablet of Ecstasy.

    How many did he take? The article uses the phrase "those consumed" but does not elaborate. How did he die? Again, no information given.

    But he did die. Die with a bold italic double-underline.

    And thank you, Superintendent Stewart Low - it was an "unnecessary loss of a young man's life." No one should die from Ecstasy. At least not without some sort of abnormal allergic reaction. With the right education, people should know not to consume multiple pills in an evening. People should know about the potential long term serotogenic deterioration Ecstasy causes. People should know to keep hydrated, but to avoid hyponatremia. And people should know about the stimulant risks, and of overheating.

    Perhaps if they published more articles on awareness instead of vague reports such as this, people would know.... and more of these "unnecessary" losses could be prevented.
  4. adzket
    i was at that event i work in the london club scene it is run by my friends i must say they take evry precaution in searching people before they go into the venue. this was a special event at a large venue 5000 capacity largest club venue in london (there for it is rairly used by clubbers but by bands for gigs during the day) they normaly run a weekly 1500 capasity event and are the uk best know hard dance promotions, they co hosted this event with another club promotion which holds 1500 capasity events monthly. and run all there events safly and have done for about the last 5yrs. i did see a young man on a stretcher at one point in the night but was not made aware of the situwation at the time. the fridge night club which is 1000 capasity venue was raided and close a few weeks before after being bought by a group of chines people, whom where know to have involvment with meth on the london club scene where we now have 24hr clubbing you can go out from wed's night threw to tue morning with no more than a cab ride between venues. also can i say that london clubs have been having a major problem with ghb. including the factory club also mentioned. people taking to much or being spiked, i belive ghb one both metabolitises quickly and can be produced by the body and there for is hard if not imposible to detect by ortopsy so this could be a possibility also as someone working in this scene can i say that no mater what messures you take you can not keep drugs out of a club it's imposible all you can do is try your best but unfortunatly with dance music come's drug use and abuse. the police may have seized pills but more than likly from the guys friends they did not at any point enter the venue and carry out a raid unlike they did at the fridge. i will say at part of the night it did seam over crowded but this would be down to venue managment and sercurity not the promoters to keep an eye on, also it has been know in the past for sercurity to alow people they know are dealing into the club with out beeing serched properly for a share of money made. south london has seen an exsplosion of new venues especialy in vaxhall (now seen as londons clubbing capital) where there are 5 clubs on the same road each with between 800 and 1400 capasity's and then another 3 large venues within 5 min walk of these the largest with 3000 capasity all but 1 have 24hr music and dance licences aswell as 24hr alcohol licences this with an increase of ghb and people not being educated about the dangers of alcohol and drug use is asking for trouble. these clubs have also got on the n2o vibe to selling ballons to people already trashed on other drugs or drink. i feel venue managers, security, aswell as the local council (who have alowed all these clubs to open up) need to take more responsibility. most club owners have little to do with the running of there venues apart from employing managers whom are ment to do there jobs properly and rely on sercurity controling the doors, so the place is not over packed or got drug dealers in. the council licences the venues, the manergers and the sercurity to say they can do there jobs properly and within laws and safty guide lines lambeth council are not doing there job good enough. i will find out more about this and post the facts as i am told them. this is a sensless deth that need not of happend something went majorly wrong somewhere.
  5. Abrad
    So did any further information come to light on this? There seems to be no more news articles which is strange because the media usually dive on ecstasy deaths.
  6. halfastspeed
    Why don't they take the natural alternative ephedrine instead?
  7. Abrad
    Ephedrine is hardly an MDMA alternative and is possibly more dangerous anyway.
  8. Micklemouse
    Not only that but E, despite being completely illegal under the Misuse of Drugs Act, is actually more easily available in the U.K., as ephedrine is controlled under the Medicines Act, & was never that popular anyway.

    Adzket raises an interesting point about the use of ghb. A few years ago this was a huge problem in the North & Midlands hard-house scene, with regular ambulance attendances, and at least one death attributed to it at the Leeds Love Parade, and several near deaths. Eventually the organisers sorted it out...

    From 2Klub.com

    From djingonthe.net...

    This was many years before ghb was controlled in Briton, & to be frank (no, not that one!), I'm surprised it took so long.

    It remains to be seen what the cause of this death was, and anything in the meantime is pure speculation.

    But do remember - play safely, dear kittlings, or your toys will be taken away!

  9. adzket
    from what i have heard from very close sorces this weekend the venue was over packed not surficant aircon in this old thearter type venue. and dodgy pills going about. all adds up to horid things happerning but the london club scean carrys on regardles. if anything make stupied people go looking for the same pills as they think they are strong if they killed some one. i wish the club sceane would wake up. eather that or i need to change carrers i see so many people lose it at the weekend and think it's fun oh what a waste.
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