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  1. buseman
    Police in northern New South Wales believe they may have intercepted an organised crime network after seizing $20 million worth of illegal drugs.

    Inspector Jeff Budd says two men from Cronulla in Sydney's south have been arrested after the drugs were found in a van during a random breath test at Tamworth last Wednesday.

    Police said the amount of MDMA powder found could have been pressed into around 750,000 amphetamine pills.

    Inspector Budd said it is a big result for police and there may be more arrests to come.

    Yes it's a massive haul, said the Inspector.

    We had a van drove into one of our random breath test sites.

    Fortunately one of our best young police officers there has made some really really good observations, detected some drug making paraphernalia in the back of this van and the rest has led to 19.5 kilos of amphetamine.

    Inspector Budd said the arrests were made over the weekend.

    Well there's a lot of things I can't sort of talk about because the matters are before the court, he said.

    But essentially that started a chain of events where further inquiries were made by police. Two men have been charged with serious manufacturing charges now both are in custody awaiting further court appearance.

    There's very serious connections with a find of this size. It's obviously of an organised nature so yes those inquiries still continue.

    20th December 2010


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