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  1. Snouter Fancier
    So I convinced the rhinograde to put his RCs into his safety deposit box at the bank today. Interesting experience. The rhinograde had leased the box for years, but never used it. The procedure was curious. Requires two keys, the box leaser's, and the banker's. Sort of like launching a nuclear missile. Then they put you in a tiny room like a public toilet (only with a chair and desk instead of a toilet, and there are no tubes of lubricant or crack vials on the floor) to do with the box whatever mysterious thing people do with safety deposit boxes.

    The rhinograde's recent RC experiences have ranged from 'unsatisfying' to 'miserable', with the occasional, 'terrifying' thrown in. These drugs aren't doing what he wants them to do, and I suspect it's partly because he's got his neurotransmitter homeostasis jumbled like a tossed salad, and his receptors are downregulated, upregulated, and crossregulated in a highly random and dysfunctional pattern. He needs to detox, in other words. Nothing formal, just not using CNS stimulants for a few months, eating right, and generally taking care of himself.

    He also wants to take up some other projects he's had on the back burner. He'll still be around DF. :vibes:

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  1. bananaskin
    Sensible rhino... sounds like he did what he had to do at the right time.
    It also sounds like he has a plan, which of course he should stick to... easier said than done, however.
    Just that really, a rapid stop to wish him all the best, and to remind him of what he already knows... the stronger he is, the more resources he will have unclogged and free to be :thumbsup:
  2. Snouter Fancier
    Thanks for the encouragement, bananaskin. I'll pass your words along to the rhinograde. :D

    If the last few days are any indication, the safety deposit box was exactly the right idea. There were a couple of moments when just another hit of one of those RCs was would have been irresistible to the rhinograde... except that they weren't available, and even if the bank were open, it was just too much trouble to drive across town.

    Wouldn't work for heroin, or anything with a real physical addiction, in which the drive is too strong, or any substance which is readily available locally. But to quench the the occasional spell of weak will involving a substance which isn't easy to get in the first place, the safety deposit box idea seems to be exactly right. I'll have to look up whoever mentioned it, somewhere on the beta ketone forum, and thank them. :thumbsup:
  3. bananaskin
    Without wanting to wander too much off-topic, how is the rhinograde?
    Is this plan still working out for him?

    How is he in general?
    I hope he is well :)
  4. NeuroChi
    Could you list which ones caused this progression of experiences from negative to worse? And the trip reports (if they're published).

    Would be interesting to determine a hypothesis on how and why which drugs used in what order and how how often caused what receptors to be X-regulated in each their own way. Of course if would only ever remain a hypothesis, but might spark some interesting debates. :cool:
  5. Snouter Fancier
    Aw, thanks for thinking of the rhinograde! :vibes:He's doing... okay. Life has been complicated and time-consuming. He has been working a lot of hours in his salaried occupation (and will continue to do so, since the seminary's only other lecturer in Defensive Ontology just gave notice.) He's been fighting stomach problems that were probably exacerbated by MDPV use in the recent past. He recently had a gallbladder ultrasound (it was normal), and is scheduled for upper endoscopy (a look down into the throat and stomach with a big lighted flexible black snake-like thingy) on July 7. He's been working in his garden, fighting the insane heat and drought we've been having here in the NE US. Oh, yeah, and he has been working on a novel that that he has had in mind for a while, but that, um, drug use distracted him from.

    And the 'plan'? It worked for a month. Then he got another shipment of RCs, started experimenting with those, and ran into problems. See post to Richi below.
  6. Snouter Fancier
    Agree completely, and have been meaning to make a post on it, with dates and drugs.

    My suspicion is that the rhinograde has somehow non-reversibly inhibited receptor or serum MAO or COMT. I.e., until his little rhinograde body regenerates these, he is going to have drastic hypertensive/anxiety reactions to most adrenergic-type stimulants.

    He tolerates non-adrenergic stimulants, such as caffeine, or the stimulative effects of kratom, perfectly well, but (as an example) even six mg MDPV (a small dose) put him into a hypertensive/anxiety/stomach pain crisis for almost 24 hours. Phenazepam helped to break the crisis, but that drug has its own problems. Right now, the rhinograde is afraid to try anything that might act on peripheral adrenergic receptors, by itself, or through its metabolites. This includes phenethylamines and tryptamines.

    He suspects the villain that did this to him was 3-FMC, but there's no way to know for sure.

    This problem has been going on for about two months. The rhinograde detects improvement already, but I suspect he won't be back to normal for another 2 to 6 months.

    Thanks for the reminder. I log most of the rhinograde's experiences, and I have been meaning to gather everything together and post my thoughts about it. :thumbsup:
  7. UberDouche
    Glad to hear your condition is improving:vibes:
  8. ForcedZen
    My kangaroo says that it's always a good idea to take a break from things. If they are getting out of hand, or if you are just getting bored with them, it's time to put them away. My kangaroo has taken a year's break several times in her life.
  9. kailey_elise
    How are things going for the rhinograde, both in general & on this topic in particular?
  10. Snouter Fancier
    Kailey, the rhinograde's okay. He's finishing up some wiki stuff, and after that he'll be gone from DF for a while, or at least decrease his participation a good bit. He needs to catch up on other things in his life.

    He'll make a blog post about it before he leaves.

    Thanks for keeping the ole' rhinograde in your thoughts!
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