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'Real World' Star Joey Kovar DEAD; Family Suspects Drug Overdose

  1. Rob Cypher
    Joey Kovar -- the troubled "Real World" star who appeared on "Celebrity Rehab" -- was found dead at a friend's home near Chicago this morning ... and family members believe drugs are to blame ... TMZ has learned.

    Kovar was 29 years old.

    Kovar's rep tells TMZ ... Joey was discovered by a female friend early this morning who noticed blood coming out of Joey's ears and nose.

    The woman called 911 ... and authorities rushed to the scene where he was pronounced dead.

    Kovar had famously battled drug issues -- and sought help for cocaine and ecstasy during his stint on "Celeb Rehab."

    While on "Real World: Hollywood," Kovar entered rehab halfway through the season for alcohol and drugs, admitting he'd struggled with substance abuse for years. It was a pretty powerful moment on the show.



  1. Eesa
    Fuck me, blood oozing out his ears. He must've been hitting the Coke big big time as i've never heard of that before.
  2. MightyBlaze
    death is never a good thing!
  3. MightyBlaze
    there is nothing after death..
  4. Rob Cypher
    Followup story:


    "Real World" star Joey Kovar died after taking what could turn out to be a lethal mixture of Viagra, cocaine and alcohol... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

    Our sources say ... Thursday night, just before midnight, Joey went to a woman's house in Chicago Ridge, Illinois, told her he'd been doing cocaine ... and asked her to drive him to a location where he could score more coke. The woman, Stacey Achterhof, rebuffed his request, and asked him to stay at her place.

    We're told Joey, who was also fueled up on alcohol, took "some Viagra" and messed around with Stacey ... but they did not have sex. At some point Stacey fell asleep, and when she awakened early Friday morning she found Joey bleeding from the nose and ears.

    Law enforcement sources tell us ... his eyes were also "blackened" -- something that frequently occurs when someone ODs. Law enforcement sources tell us they suspect Joey had an aneurysm.

    Stacey was interviewed extensively by cops on Friday. We're told she says she saw Joey take Adderall and Xanax in recent weeks -- and multiple sources close to Joey tell us although they were prescribed, he often took more than called for by doctors.

    There's no indication, at this point, Stacey will be charged with a crime.

    As for Joey, toxicology results will take weeks, but our law enforcement sources say they believe the results will show a fatal combo of Viagra and cocaine and alcohol.

    [images: Joey's friend Stacey as well as the room he died in]
  5. Rob Cypher
    Well, some would consider that a blessing in itself; if one has had a sufficiently miserable life. (Yes, I do mean with no afterlife involved.)
  6. Alien Sex Fiend
    Viagra, cocaine and alcohol... lets play a coroner here:

    V lowers blood pressure, heart rate up
    C rises blood pressure, temp. and heart rate
    A rises blood pressure, slows heart rate, sudden blood pressure drop if its an overdose.

    Bleeding out of facial holes => high blood pressure.

    A magic wand swirl...

    The poor guy suffered a heart attack; or overdosed on alcohol, cocaine kept him alive, when coke stopped working, alcohol caused a drop in low blood pressure because of viagra that killed him.
    Since he was bleeding, that probably was a fatal heart attack from cocaine and viagra and fooling around with the old lady(cocaine abusers may have strained heart)

    Lesson critters: Do not mix things that cause blood pressure to go up and down at the same time, such ass downers and stimulants.
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