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Recluse high off 'a lot of' cannabis jumped to his death in despair over body sweat

By Rob Cypher, Sep 4, 2015 | Updated: Sep 4, 2015 | | |
  1. Rob Cypher
    PAY-Mitchell-Hewett.jpg A recluse jumped to his death from a block of flats in despair over his excess sweating, an inquest has heard.

    Mitchell Hewett had visited his doctor in the months before his death, complaining that his clammy body was making him anxious and suicidal.

    The 32-year-old was found dead outside his home in Wimbledon, south west London, in the early hours of January 31 this year.
    An investigation was launched after his body was found bound and gagged but police later ruled out criminal involvement.
    An inquest into Mr Hewett's death heard how the former roofer tidied his flat then tied himself up before leaping from the third-floor balcony of his flat.
    Mr Hewett had lost his job and became 'reclusive' in the year before his death, the inquest heard.
    He left his flat immaculate - aside from the tape and twine he used to bind himself and left clothes drying and an iPod on charge.
    Police investigations into his laptop discovered that he had searched the internet for information on how to commit suicide.
    The inquest heard he had a history of mental health issues and was treated for suicidal thoughts and hearing voices in 2004.
    He was also broke and in a significant amount of debt, having more than £37,000 outstanding on his mortgage and £10,000 worth of debts in overdrafts and an unsecured loan.
    He had a significant amount of cannabis in his system at the time of his death and the coroner ruled that he would have been experiencing the effects of cannabis consumption.
    Following his death, hundreds of his friends paid tribute and set up a MitchFest event after his funeral.
    In a statement given to police, Mr Hewett's best friend Ross Brown told of how his friend had become more withdrawn in the weeks before his death.
    Coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox recorded a narrative verdict at Westminster Coroners' Court, saying she could not record a verdict of suicide as Mr Hewett was intoxicated with cannabis at the time of his death.

    September 4, 2015



  1. Basoodler
    Re: Recluse high off 'a lot of' cannabis jumped to his death in despair over body swe

    I hate how these articles are written..is it a British tabloid "thing" to word everything like a gossip hungry bitch? It is like the content of the news be damned for some flamboyant douchebaggery (or assholery) writing.

    Speaking of douche bags, I figure the medical examiner/coroner in this case is one. Are they suggesting that the marijuana came alive and went full ape shit on this guy by tieng him up and thowing him to his death?
  2. sci
    Re: Recluse high off 'a lot of' cannabis jumped to his death in despair over body swe

    just skimming the article he sounds he was from suffering depression, just because he had cannabis in his system did not mean it killed him, crikey I hate the press. As Cannabis stays in your system for ages he could of had a spliff ages ago.. umm I wonder if he had any prescribed drugs in his system. i.e. Antidepressants, they can cause suicidal intentions in some individuals but they wouldn’t publish that. I’m not saying Cannabis is 100 percent safe but be realistic please.

    It sound like the horror stories off people jumping off balcony’s thinking they can fly, the worst thing is people take the media as gospel. Poor Individuals.

    p.s. Tidying the flat I agree with that, I tend to get a little bit of tidy freak kinda like mild OCD if you could put that, but I find that quite productive lol, shame to see someone so young dying but the mental health system in the UK is terrible tey just throw terrible drugs at you, which for me made me worse as ive been there.

    Sad loss anyway
  3. mason10k45
    Re: Recluse high off 'a lot of' cannabis jumped to his death in despair over body swe

    It's funny that you post this article as one of my teachers had shown it to us in class to show how bad marijuana is. She forgot to mention he was already suicidal...there's always something left out of the story when they are trying to blame a drug. It's unbelievable yes he had marijuana in his system did he also have caffeine or any other legal psychoactive substance in his system too? But at end of the day it just sounds like some sad guy that got high before ending his life and I doubt he wanted this attention and to have it go against marijuana reform.
  4. sci
    Re: Recluse high off 'a lot of' cannabis jumped to his death in despair over body swe

    It looks like we all will undoubtedly agree on this are the politicians and media alike just going all Reefer madness due to the fear of Cannabis acception due to more liberal laws of late in the USA for medical weed. I really hope we don't go backwards. The marinara he was smoking was more likely a self medication thing. He was hardly high on lsd or crack. Makes me frustrated rather than angry. Look at the Dutch model, a significant use in hard drugs and even us britsh smoke more than the Dutch, that's what I've heard anyway. Stories like this are more likely to bring on cannabis induced paranoia. welcome to the 80s
  5. Illdan
    Re: Recluse high off 'a lot of' cannabis jumped to his death in despair over body swe

    Yeah it definitely sounds like just some more anti marijuana propaganda.
    That sad fact is it will not stop unless marijuana advocacy groups start pumping money into the political system (via lobbyists )the same way that big pharma does.As long as lobbying is allowed in politics nothing will change.
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