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Record $4 million drug bust has Tulsa Sheriff's Office on alert

  1. ZenobiaSky
    Tulsa County Sheriff's Office officials say they will remain vigilant in the days and months following what they said was the largest drug bust in the agency's history.

    Deputies seized more than $4 million in heroin, meth and cocaine on Thursday and arrested a Florida man after seizing a tractor-trailer rig in which the drugs were hidden.

    In total, deputies found 42 pounds of heroin valued at $3 million; 27 pounds of crystal methamphetamine worth nearly $600,000; and 33 pounds of cocaine worth $500,000 inside the truck, Maj. Shannon Clark said.

    The tractor-trailer's driver, Restituto L. Morales, was jailed on a complaint of aggravated trafficking of a controlled dangerous substance and is being held on a $250,000 bond. He was arrested just after midnight Thursday in the 3100 block of South Memorial Drive.

    Thursday's bust came a few months after a separate drug seizure that pulled 10 pounds of heroin off the streets, Clark said.

    Though no information the office has received specifically states Thursday's bust was related to the one in December, Clark said it's possible.

    "The 10-pound bust was pretty well-publicized," Clark said. "Addicts here were desperately trying to get a fix, so it's possible another drug lord was trying to get drugs up here to fill the void. We don't know that they're connected, but one could have been used to replenish the other."

    Clark said Thursday's bust was completely a sheriff's office operation, which should put drug dealers on notice.

    "This was all done by deputies getting information from informants, using technology and investigative work," Clark said. "And it culminated in a bust that should make drug dealers wary about how safe their transports are in Tulsa."

    Clark said investigators are working to ensure another such shipment doesn't make its way into Tulsa to replace this recent seizure.

    "There's still investigative work to do," Clark said. "It's a big tree with lots of branches, and we're making sure we investigate those branches."

    World Staff Writer
    Posted: Saturday, March 15, 2014 12:00 am | Updated: 8:03 am, Sat Mar 15, 2014.
    Tulsa World

    The Newhawks Crew


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