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Record cocaine haul in Jersey: Teens jailed

  1. buseman
    TWO teenagers will spend the next eight years behind bars after importing the largest amount of cocaine ever seized by Customs.

    David Rhys Hamilton and Dayle David Owens, both 19, were acting as drugs mules last May and, according to their lawyers, were ‘taken advantage of by experienced criminals’.

    They were sentenced by the Royal Court yesterday after hiding nearly a kilo of the class A drug in the rear tyres of their car.

    Commissioner Julian Clyde-Smith said that the harm the drugs, which had a local street value of £79,000, could have caused if they had reached the market was ‘incalculable’ and that those who deal in drugs must expect ‘serious sentences’.

    By Lucy Mason
    2nd July, 2010


  1. godztear
    Wow, they must not have a drug problem or reliable customs agents there. An 'almost' 1 kilo of cocaine is their largest bust ever!?!
  2. missparkles
    Jersey is one of the Channel Islands, just off the coast of the UK mainland. For them, comparable to their size (only 22 miles long) this is a huge bust.

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