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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Record poppy yield for Tasmanian crop

    The world record for poppy crop yields of narcotic raw material has been broken by a Tasmanian crop.

    Yesterday, processor Tasmanian Alkaloids rewarded its top growers with two $10,000 travel awards for top morphine and thebaine crops.

    The top thebaine poppy prize went to Hagley farmers, Don and Janet Allen, for a crop worth $11,600 a hectare, and the top morphine award went to P.S. Burbury and Son of Woodbury, for a crop worth more than $6,000 per hectare.

    Don Allen says he hopes that doesn't send a signal to poppy companies to cut prices this year, because the average yields are far lower than his record-breaking crop

    "The assay was 4.64 per cent alkaloid which resulted in a total yield of over 71 kilograms per hectare, which is the record to date in Australia, and, I imagine, the world."

    Tasmanian Alkaloids says it will be contracting 11,000 hectares this coming season, which is more than last year. The company and GlaxoSmithKline are close to reaching agreement with the Poppy Growers Association regarding terms and conditions.

    Don and Janet Allen winning an award for the top Tasmanian thebaine poppy crop (Rose Grant)

    Thursday, 20/05/2010



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