Recreational Drugs FAR Less Likely to Kill You than Prescribed Drugs!

By Swimster · Sep 10, 2008 · Updated Sep 10, 2008 · ·
  1. Swimster
    This was an interesting article swim came by.

    8. Rivkin A: Admissions to a medical intensive care unit related to adverse drug reactions. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy 2007;64(17):1840-1843.


    Swimster added 4 Minutes and 14 Seconds later...

    Verry interesting, ISO (in.swims.oppinion)

    Swim believes that this problem leads because of the Qakk doctors out there.

    I believe that there shouldn't be a difference in a substance's safety prescription or not. I mean, meth and amp and morphine can all be purchased through prescription. But, I guess it is the "safety" they prescription meds provide, or better yet, the "sefety" their doctors apear to show.

    ...Anyway, lol , lets see a drug war with the pharmaceutical industry!! hehe, according to the article it would save alot more lives.

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  1. Richard_smoker
    interesting. i wonder where some of these facts are coming from. the statements of how many incorrect surgical procedures and needless medical treatments has no references.

    although I'm quite sure this is a legitimate topic, I'm not quite sure of its validity... especially considering the author is a chiropracter.

    where did this come from? -DICK

    ...oops, nevermind, i checked the is interesting, to say the least...too hot to touch this topic. forget what i said. i'm gonna shut my mouth now to avoid a flame war. thanks.
  2. Swimster
    yes, and the site has plenty more interesting reads on the homepage.
  3. beena
    So, what if you were taking prescription drugs recreationally?! How does that one work ...
  4. Richard_smoker
    hahaha... it'd still be "medicine's fault." -DICK
  5. Mutil
    sure, it'd be the user's "fault"...but what about the "just say no" stuff? there is still a mentality that illegal drugs are illegal 'cause they're bad and legal drugs are legal 'cause they're not bad. whose fault is that?
  6. Swimster
    ^^Exactly! ...

    ...Prescriptions can be abused as simply as street drugs, even better! more pure!

    For example: One could extract DexMeAmp from desoxyn, recrystalize, then bam, pure crystal.

    Interestingly though, this article may imply that doctors are worse Drug dealers than street dealers. It's Very Ironic!

    There are those asshole doctors out there though.

    Swim still finds it hard to believe though.

    Perhaps this article is a perswasive one, where there is a catch. Like, maybe the prescription deaths were mainly tallied from recreational use. Who knows, literally?
  7. enquirewithin
    There are many deaths associated with doctors prescribing drugs to patients who have unpredicted side effects, the drugs have side effects that the drug company underplayed, or are prescribed for the wrong ailment.

    Vioxx is a case in point where aggressive advertising and only caring about profits not the patients' health caused the deaths of thousands.

    Big Pharma, like Pfizer and the others, have less morals than most drug dealers and not much more than the drug cartels. When they kill people, they don't get punished, or very little, and continue to make massive profits.
  8. lostmente
    so what is the ratio of people killed by prescription to people saved...

    and whats the same ratio for drugs of many people have been saved if it wernt for lsd? vs people who are doomed because of it
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