Red Stop Lights Make Me Happy

By bhonkers · Sep 10, 2014 ·
  1. bhonkers

    Most drivers like to move forwards and if they don't reach the crossing in time they have to stop and this is how we all stop at red lights because it is the rule and it may not be the best traffic management in the world but it can be set up through timing circuits and radar detectors for the most efficient flow of traffic.

    In the past if the lights are green I would hope I reach the point of no return before the red light appears. Sometimes you make it and sometimes you don't. When I got through I felt happy and when I got stuck I felt nothing much of anything and then spend that time where I can go inside my mind and be and do whatever I please but I tended to keep it calm but always wanting the green light which then became my habitual driving event.

    I've been accessing lots of great states of consciousness such as happiness and joy and I have a list I go through each morning so before I get out of bed I've already felt joy, happiness, fun, humour, love, ever deepening relaxation on tap, growing sense of comfort, feeling at ease, inner peace and so on. I add to the list often and pleasure states are not the only useful states as frustration can make us annoyed enough about a situation that we have to change in that moment what we are doing so we can feel at peace that we are making progress. I got so pissed off with getting paranoid when high that since it's all imaginary then I refuse my mind to act in that way. I said I refuse to be paranoid and I was so pissed having put up with shite for years that is all imaginary that for the first couple of months I didn't get paranoid but I've noticed it creeping back and I've got a really good pissed off state that I can access that when I say I will do or not do this or that then it feels absolute truth to me and what we believe is our own personal truth.

    So there I was stuck at the lights and I accessed happiness until I was pure happiness as all I knew at that moment as I rested my eyes on the red stop light. I also suggested that red stop lights make me happy and after a few goes both in the real world and the stop lights in my mind the two are connected as if the red stop light gives out happy energy to make me feel happy.

    So now I enjoy being hugged stationary in traffic and frees me up to add even more.

    It's just a belief and you know how you are able to connect things in ways that start as ideas then become our reality even though not one person can say a word to you and make you feel bad unless you want to or believe they have this superpower because words are just moving air given meaning and if you feel bad because someone called you a bad name then you have a rule in your mind that says that if someone calls you that word then you feel bad and it's a choice. Words can only hurt those who connect pain with them and no matter what gets thrown your way you can set up a belief that all communications with others only ever grows us into better humans which as far as we've come we've a long long way to go so I'm having the universe ensuring I give as much as is needed to make me the very best person I can be and it's always happening at all times if you believe it is or maybe you believe you don't believe you can believe yourself into the very best YOU just by faith then you can keep that if you wish and if you want more then since you can't believe it into being then you have to work night and day which is another way to get where you know you will end up. Very similar outcomes yet one is really easy and the other takes lots of effort. Of course conscious effort has value but using this mind system means that each mind is specialized where the other isn't and you can do a simple connection of a state with an object or item or idea or words or whatever using your conscious mind to instruct your other mind to repeat the task you've done in your mind until you now have it as a skill.

    If you want to speak to a stranger but feel fear then you may avoid much social interaction.

    A great state when you spot someone you'd like to speak with is curiosity.

    One way into that state is to be curious about what the state of curiosity is like and as you become more curious you're building a resource that if you say the more curious I am about someone the more likely I will I'll connect with them and if I see someone I wish to talk with they instantly fill me with growing curiosity that always means I make the moves required. I've had schizophrenia diagnosed along with drug induced psychosis and fear of others had me keep myself to myself as paranoia can induce fear and fear is no longer an issue and I get really curious to know what it is that makes them smile and use it lots. But I've just gone over the hill so it's all gravity and no effort which is the kind of motivation we have if craving a drug where no matter how shit we feel we will move mountains to get our hit.

    If you would like to read a lot more than you do then how about lusting for all the information you desire so much to have and use ... mmmmmmmmmgrrrr.. I want to know it all!! You know what lust feels like right? lust for lust and you'll grow it massive until you have to read it and of course each word only ever makes you a better person as well as feeling even more amazing each time.


    You can do it yourself right now where you can take an item you feel neutral about such as a pen or a cup or whatever you want and decide how it is going to make you feel or how it is going to change you or whatever suggestions you give are the ones best for you at that time and the more you have things add value to your life by simply being observed or even existing then it wont be long before you have the very air we breath fill us with unconditional love at all times growing only ever stronger such that others can feel it too

    Let's go with a bic ball point makes us horny for an example

    You can do it a number of ways and what I've found is that the more of your awareness that is taken up by sensory information as I give the suggestion leaves little to no room at all for the critical mind so the suggestion floats into your mind with ease.

    So as you give the suggestion you may hold the pen and be aware of how it feels and also how it looks. Let your mind feel and see more detail and when you've really got your mind filled with visual and kinaesthetic sensory information you may even not hear your suggestions. If you have your inner critic (I have an inner adviser) starts saying it wont work or this is crazy or I'm not that kind of person and all infinite other varieties of bullshit we tell ourselves that is a SIGNAL that we have to see and feel more to fill our awareness and let it fill up with only visual and feeling data while suggesting that pens make me horny.

    When the critic is gone keep going and very soon horny will hit you and to give even more power to you put a downwards inflection at the end which is the opposite of the upwards inflection of a question and is not so well known that using downwards inflections is taken by the other mind as a command. So do other people's minds take that inflection as a command and you may like to have fun with it and others

    Another way is to access horny (you know how to do that) and fill every fibre with horny... really let your imagination go wild and suggest that you are pure horny as if that is all you know and hold the state steady as you relax your eyes on the pen. Then look away and shake off the feelings before building them up again and doing this simple Pavlov man looks at pen and same man gets horny. Repeat enough times until ready to test by being neutral then looking at the pen and letting whatever happens happen and if it's not fully as you desire then repeat some more and this is another little trick out of trillions we can make up ...

    as you are pure the state you have chosen then your entire awareness is taken up by this state so if you want to be happy then be happy as it's only a state of mind and the trick is the same as before as we use visual and feeling information so we again quiet the mind and quickly get into state. I often repeat the state in the tone most aligned with the state as I'm doing this and I thought I'd accessed some pure states before but with no objections of any kind the state is on a higher level and I believe there is far more to come and I'm always enjoying the ride

    And if you are going to sleep on it you can suggest that you are drifting/aligning/harmonizing with the very best, most refreshing, energised sleep ever keep this as your focus as you feel your body let go into ever deepening relaxation with a growing sense of comfort and ease and you can feel sure you are fully aligned with that best ever sleep until you drift off and wake up Neo Now

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