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  1. torachi
    14661.jpg In a recent interview, Redman explained why he stopped doing LSD.

    "I had a very bad trip man, it got crazy. It was like a trip that continued every time I did it, and I thought I was being chased by evilness. Evilness was always chasing me, just evilness -- a zombie, a little baby Tasmanian devil, it was crazy.

    The last time that made me really stop, I was doing acid at like 2 in the afternoon. It wasn't nighttime or no s--t like that, when party time start, it was afternoon time. I was wilding -- right after lunch, lunch and acid.

    I'm at my homegirl house and I'm in the bedroom and s--t, and the door closes, and the door opens and a little Tasmanian devil runs in there with the horns and everything. I see this little motherf--ker just run up to me just like this...when I see s--t like that my body freezes and I can't breathe, for some reason.

    After that I stopped. After that, I think I went to go get one of my Aunties to pray over me and s--t. I think I had to stand in the bucket with my feet out in some water and s--t...and after that prayer -- cause God is good, I pray a lot and ask him for what I want, I guess he just told me, 'N---a stop doing the acid!' So I stopped doing the acid and I was like 'wow, it went away.'"

    Sounds like fun.

    Posted Dec 16th 2010 11:04PM by Sharks



  1. TripStick
    That was a good laugh. Im not sure redman knows what a tasmanian devil really looks like. Unless he meant the cartoon version which makes it even funnier. Tiny Toons taz in a little diaper coming out of the closet.......
  2. wu fru de lu
    man i bet he got some old school pure shit.
  3. Moving Pictures
    Oh man, that's halarious. God said "nigga, stop doing the acid!", that's classic.

    And which prayer exactly is the one where you have to stand in a bucket of water??

    Lol, this has me cracking up.
  4. EscapeDummy
    Swim has never seen any sort of creature which didn't exist on LSD, except maybe out of the corner of his eyes. Certainly he's never seen a tasmanian devil or a zombie. Are swiys thinking exaggeration, fabrication... or simply a high dose?
  5. Randomiiza
    Honestly sounds like lies, unless there are undiscovered mental issues..

    LSD never produced true hallucinations in my basilisk.

    It's hard to believe it would in anyone else considering the varying doses he's tried.

    But time is a factor, he's old..lol
  6. SamanthaRabbit
    My rabbit has been sent into a completely different world where she was in a circus tent and it was a dark circus with evil music and two people who were in the house but not in the room were doing different things to entertain the patrons. Effing horrifying. Not to mention spiders completely covering her and filling a bathtub. Redman probably had a bad trip on some very strong acid. People can totally see things beyond pretty colors and size distortions and what not. There are some people that would look at a trip like that and be really stoked about it, but my rabbit and Redman are sharing the same cup of tea, that doesn't have LSD in it. Note that my rabbit only took 3 hits of really potent liquid acid but because it was a dropper there was no way to be sure of how accurate the dosing was. On previous trips she has taken 8 hits and not tripped so hard...
  7. godztear
    It is very possible that the "acid" in reference contained no LSD at all, but some other research chemical.
  8. wu fru de lu
    yeah thats a good point. seems like someone heard redman wanted some shit so they went all out in trying to impress. he might of got a cocktail of all sorts of shit someone made personally to blow redman's mind.
  9. DivergeUnify
    Not so sure about that because it has to swim. Swim saw his 2 friends turn into a bat and a snake respectively, and saw himself( essentially dreaming at this point while wide awake) as a rat huddled up like a baby
  10. Randomiiza
    Honestly my basilisk never actually seen true hallucinations from acid use, he thought everyone was lying, but if ya'll say so I believe ya.

    All the visuals were transformations or light from real objects. Nothing came out of nothing.

    Never at any dosage.
  11. yodogsup
    I am with randomiiza on this. At most I saw movement where there was nothing or colors distorted and moving, but never anything like an actual baby Taz walking into the room as if it were happening. Honestly it sounds like the sort of thing someone who has never actually been high on it would say.
  12. yodogsup
    I meant my dogs cat, not me. I can't see where to edit.
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