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Reduced sentence for drug trafficker

By buseman, Jun 5, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    A Brisbane man has won a reduced sentence after he was convicted of drug trafficking and attacking police.

    Szabolcs Ungvari, 30, pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court in Brisbane last year to trafficking methylamphetamine and assaulting police.

    Police targeted Ungvari as a "speed" dealer and he was stopped for a search in 2008.

    During the violent struggle that ensued, police twice used capsicum spray to subdue him before finding "speed" and cash.

    Ungvari appealed against his eight-year sentence, arguing it was manifestly excessive.

    The Court of Appeal granted the appeal and changed Ungvari's parole eligibility date from November to April next year.

    Fri Jun 4, 2010


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