Reflection on:"Is it ok to shoot up your son with IV drugs if he asks you to?

By LottaQuixotic · Jun 23, 2012 · ·
  1. LottaQuixotic
    My entry is the quoted response I had to a specific post. Why? Because I need to think about this some more.

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  1. Phenoxide
    It's interesting how the same text can be interpreted so differently from one person to the next. I recall this thread fairly well and having read it back I'm not seeing anything that strikes me as inflammatory. Plenty of direct and even blunt responses, but none of them come across as malicious to me. I just see a lot of people laying seeds of a few thoughts that Munter might want to consider regarding his situation. Nobody talked down to him or suggested he's a bad parent or person - in fact the only person that used the phrase 'bad parenting' was Munter himself. I'm not seeing any pontificating about morality either - almost all of the responses address the situation in much more tangible terms. I'd be interested to hear more of your thoughts on this because I cannot see where you're coming from at all.

    It all gets far too cryptic towards the end for me to take anything from it, but that is no doubt due to my limited grasp of poetic prose. I have no idea what the 'house divided' remark refers to. This is a community of individuals, each with their own ideas, interests, experiences, and foibles. We do not all share the same point of view, nor are we bound by some artificial concept of what this forum stands for or what it should stand for. And the site is richer for that diversity.

    If anything I'd suggest that the most inflammatory remarks made in this thread were the vague accusations of hypocrisy and insincerity that you've brandished at others. You are of course entitled to that view, but it does leave me thinking that despite the pretext your post was just as full of "seems to me" and "just my opinion's" as any other opinion piece in this thread or anywhere on this site. It all reminds me of that not-so-poetic saying.. "opinions are like assholes". That's about as lyrical as I get I'm afraid!
  2. LottaQuixotic
    Thanks for sharing more of your thoughts on the topic. I'll parallel your comment as best I can to illustrate my closing remarks.

    First, I empathize with your struggle reading through my post. It is often a budget constraint to be sure in the effort required to understand one another.

    In the spectrum of thinking, mine is predominantly abstract and rarely concrete. In the case of visualizing spatial concepts, I find it practically impossible. If you tend to be more inclined to think differently, switching gears to process my abstracted ideas would be a chore. More on that later.

    I don't perceive what was written as poetic or lyrical, which nicely affirms the opening remark in your comment about the vastness of difference between people's interpretations of what they read. I would take that further to include the different interpretations made by a single person reading the same text within different contexts.

    Assuming any intended perception on my part by attempting to write "poetic prose" or "lyrical" as you reference would be incorrect. I write exactly how I think unless there is a contextual need to abandon my native tendency and implement a more direct and terse expression of my ideas.

    Your point about the observation of my being vague, however, is an assumption about my intent that was accurate. I purposefully did not identify the posts or directly quote any text in my comment. From what you wrote, I am not sure if the trouble you had was understanding what I was writing about or why I was writing about it, but it became more clear when you implied that I might have some kind of expectation of solidarity with regard to how the forum is supposed to operate or other 'artificial concept' about what we should all agree with. With that, I realized that I had to reply to your comment in a different context than the one it was written from.

    Here is why:

    You clearly misunderstood my pretext to mean I was not writing something that was an opinion as opposed to the apologetic I had intended.

    Ironically, my attempt at being direct failed in this case as I was pointing out that there literally were not enough "seems to me" and "just my opinion" qualifiers included to my liking. I was acknowledging this deficit preemptively to prevent someone misunderstanding my post exactly as you, in fact, demonstrate as having done.

    So, that is a simple case in point illustrating what I claimed about not being as proficient with communicating ideas directly. I thought my attempt was good enough and your response indicates otherwise.
    I base that on my observation that you seem to be communicating throughout a very important need to clarify the reality that what I said was nonsensical, unfounded, pretentious and as much an opinion as any other asshole would perchance to have.

    And, the upshot is that I couldn't agree more that it's opinion. I also believe you are mistaken on few grounds with regards to the referred 'accusations' of hypocrisy and insincerity I am thought to have made. Primarily, you didn't understand what I was taking issue with. The first clue was your focus on details that I (again) tried to communicate were precisely *not* the issue. The problem with your comment to me is that you have misidentified the 2 principle subjects of my concern and the contradiction that divides the two. The abstraction is not perfect so I am not surprised that it seemed 'vague' and 'intangible' beyond understanding without some clarification--the projected malfeasance was a bit over the top but after going through the original thread and noticing the one you posted it may make more sense. If it's any consolation, I didn't have your post in mind when writing my own, but now that I see it, I will take a look for the things I was largely speaking to (i.e. not things associated with assessing someone's parenting skills.) and if it matters, I'll make a note of it.

    But, in closing and to the final point of it all:
    If you actually do have an interest to understand where I was really coming from and not where you thought I was let me know and I will. **(which I expect will probably not be the case if my suspicion is correct and it was written in the spirit of one who has reached the conclusion of being righteously right and is therefore confident enough insomuch as to engage in using, first, patronizing comments graduating to condescension until finally abandoning all subtlety for the coup de grace of directly insulting the character and intelligence of the condemned recipient. Heady stuff that is.)

    Hence, I think it could likely take a moment for you to understand that this is really an assertion that your comment is based on an absolutely incorrect comprehension of what I wrote. You might be annoyed enough with the version of me you created, however, to not be willing to reconsider the subject, again, any other way. Not a problem. I figure out I've done similar things once in awhile.
    I am less inclined to assault a misidentified target with mockery as you did with your references about what you think of my writing ability, but I can be as offensively arrogant as the next person at times.

    Cheers. :thumbsup:

  3. Munter
    Interesting follow up comments, I kind of got a bit lost though I must be a dummy.

    Though you both have wonderful thoughts and express yourselves with a unique writing style (which is very refreshing) You certainly both think outside of the square and have excellent vocabularies. :-
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