Rehab Treatment Doctrines - Physical vs. Psycho

By yulamada · Apr 3, 2009 · ·
  1. yulamada
    Not having been privy to rehab in a country other than the good ole US of A, my badgers opinion is a little biased and based on 2nd hand information. That said, he would have to agree with his oxymoron named friend (Leftover Crack). There certainly are countries that have worse 'prisons' for those seeking freedom from the substances that occupy too many of their thought cycles (and ATM withdrawals) than is necessary. However, as the self proclaimed 'Land of the Free', my badger believes the USA's substance abuse rehabilitation system leaves much to be desired.

    My badgers take on his rehab history, along with stories from some of the critter's friends, is that the vast majority of US rehab clinics that are within reach of the common animal's wallet, are minutely focused on getting the patient off of substance(s). Thereby ignoring and not addressing the underlying psychological reasons for the badger's self-medicating in the first place. Often this leaves a badger raw and still searching, like standing next to a lever that says "Don't Pull This Lever'....for many, like my badger, they are born lever pullers - always searching for something unknown to fill in the hole, and maybe that lever will provide such resolution. (Apologies for the bad "Yellow Submarine" reference, all rights reserved by their current copyright holders of course)

    An additional point, for some, is that the release from rehab leaves the badger feeling compelled to tell those that have helped them through the experience, that the badger's life is back on track, is much better, and their mind is clearer. Perhaps this could be called a lie of omission (be it conscious or not), as the underlying psychological disorder remains. Over time, the root of the problem resumes it's dastardly psychological hole digging, as the 'How to deal with life as a normal person' rheteric fades into faint memory. This rediscovered void may either lead to relapse with the original self-medication, replacement with the next untried cure, or, heaven forbid, self termination due to the emptiness by the expanding hole in their psyche.

    Obviously the above is not the true for every case, but as observed by my badger's 10+ years of interaction with similarly afflicted fauna, he rarely encounters another critter who did not have some sort of past event(s) or cognitive dysfunction that led to their self medicating behaviour.

    A plethora of questions may be raised by this rant (which admittedly drifted off-topic), but the nature/nurture debate comes foremost to mind. How many would not be in a rehab situation AGAIN, had previous rehabilitation experiences focused on the deeper psychological structures & given at least the same investigation, attention, and treatment, as the obvious surface presentations of addiction. Genetic predisposition to addiction? My badger believes in it, but also believes that is not a 100% guaranteed sentence of addiction. The argument remains.

    Popular rehab mantras such as 'I use substances because I can't cope with X.' - 'I can't cope with X because I have an addictive personality and am inherently a drug addict.' - 'Addiction runs in my family.' These examples may be true, but often are the more easily identified two-dimensional lay of the addicted psyche. To reference a previous example above, a look at a hole from a distance will acknowledge it's existence, but without standing above it, never will be known what it contains, or where that three-dimensional psychological tunnel leads within a badgers overall consciousness and cognition of themselves, and the 'reality' they perceive.

    Back full circle.....has SWIY had rehabilitation experiences in non-American affiliated clinics that address issues such as outlined above? Even better, has SWIY had a truly individualized, root-thought rehab experience within the US? My badger would surely love to know, and is quite curious what other furry beasts think of his brain dump. This is murely one perception, so praise or condem as SWIY may, more viewpoints bring more permutations of treatment.

    PS - My badger had a good friend whose favorite saying was "Too much of everything is just enough", often through riotous laughter. He has since passed his energy back to the universe, but not before running a gammut of US rehab facilities, all with similar & ultimately unsuccessful results. My badger knew him very well and is certain the rationale detailed above was inline with his situation, and often wonders had the system been of different design, would his friend still be laughing today....along with several other of this one badger's buried brothers.

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  1. usedagain
    I think you are exactly right. I've heard that such animals are treated differently in other countries, and it is a subject of which I have been interested in researching. The USA likes to put all animals in cages, but me thinks they should have room to run and be treated better, as in a hospital.

    You're writing is wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article.
  2. Ilsa
    spot-on yul. you should turn this into a thread, if it hasn't been done already. this is why my cat's not bothered with treatment here and has just done it on her own (with the help of DF of course and a support system).
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