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  1. ima.get.her.doee
    Why do we relapse? Why do some people relapse over and over and others can stay strong and never go back to it? It's a question that I can ponder about because I was in a six month inpatient drug program called Spirit of Woman back in 2012, and still talk to every one I was there with, and a few are doing really good and have stayed clean, while others I know (myself too) have a relapse problem. There has to be logical reason. Scientific reason. Any thoughts?


  1. JonnyBGoode
    There's no scientific reason it's just where that person is at in themselves and how much they wanted to get clean in the first place. Most rehabs have a very low success rate in terms of relapse because addiction is a recurring and progressive condition which takes years to develop and often years to get to grips with.

    One reason why so many people relapse after leaving rehab is because rehabs teach the 12 step philosophy as 'fact' and someone who has been treated for heroin or crack addiction may find the total abstinence measure unsustainable in the long term. Because they're told that a relapse on any substance is a relapse they think "I can't do this total abstinence thing" and go from having a drink or smoking some weed right back to heroin and crack because they see it that they've already failed or that it's beyond them.

    Other than that I think it just depends how badly you want it and what you're prepared to go through to stay clean. As a chronic relapser myself I realised that I don't have the will power to stay clean alone so I had a Naltrexone (vivitrol) implant and this has helped me stay off heroin very effectively.
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