Relaxation drink is being called 'weed in a can'

By chillinwill · Aug 6, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    PHOENIX - There's a new drink being sold in Arizona -- but why are people comparing it to pot? It's called Drank, and it's a 16-ounce soda drink that tastes sort of like grape soda.

    It's the opposite of an energy drink. Drank calls itself an extreme relaxation product, so much so, that some have dubbed it "weed in a can."

    Brandon Rycombel sells and delivers Drank to stores. He says, "I think a lot of people use that for stress relief. That's what we use it for."

    It contains melatonin, valerian root and rose hips, a remedy that supposedly slows you down.

    "In our day and age, we've got a lot of stress. The economy is bad. People need something to help them relax, bring them down," says Rycombel.

    A spokesperson says it's an alternative -- not a substitute -- for marijuana. "This isn't going to get you into any trouble," says Rycombel. "You can buy it in the store. It's legal."

    Adan Hinojosa says drinking Drank helps him sleep. "While I have never tried pot, I will admit that I know a few people who have used it. I'd say the comparison is as wrong as you can be."

    Hinojosa drinks it 3 to 4 times a week. "There's no sensation of getting high with Drank. It feels no different than falling asleep under your own normal, natural mechanisms."

    The can includes the warning: "This product may cause drowsiness. Not recommended more than 2 servings within a 24-hour period.

    A Drank spokesperson says many evergy drinks with caffeine contain a warning label, which is a standard industry practice. He also says Drank has sold millions of cans with no reports of adverse effects.

    A medical toxicologist says pregnant or nursing women, children and people taking medications should talk to a doctor before having the ingredient valerian.

    August 4, 2009

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  1. RedBaron
    A better comparison here would be 'Indica in a can'. Sativa is pretty much like a stimulant for Baron; Sitting still on it is out of the question that's for sure. Interesting new product though, pretty much like some carbonated tea.
  2. Boca Bitch
    I heard it called "weed in a can" on fox news and nearly shit myself. It couldn't be further from it.

    Valerian root and melatonin are nothing. Especially the later, at least valerian gives a bit of a benzo-like buzz.
  3. ninjaned
    i don't see why people can't just let it be. swim has insomnia and really believes this product may help(hes gonna go buy some tomorrow). this doesn't seem like something that would get you "high" it seems like something that the media wants to demonize.
  4. chinpokomaster
    Weed in a can? I think I've tried that once or twice. Find I get much less spillage using a bottle, though.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the company started putting about the rumour themselves to get kids to buy it.
  5. Nature Boy
    When the hell are the gonna release Drank on this side of the pond? It sounds like something that would be massively popular. Energy drinks are overrated and people who are truly looking to energise themselves know that hydration is key so you're better off drinking plain water instead of some sugary crap that contains less caffeine than a regular cup of Joe. There's far more appeal in a relaxing beverage than jittery juice IMO.
  6. shhpongebob
    well im glad to see people relaxing, its usually a good thing. though its too bad it takes however many grams of sugar, food coloring, marketing, packaging, and carbonation to do it.

    i think the media should be just as quick to point out that coca cola may now extract the cocaine from the leaves before adding it to their drink for flavor (cocaine goes to surgeons), but they still use caffeine, a addictive and mild altering substance.

    they could also point out that carbonated water leaches calcium from your bones or that a soda a day puts on 15 pounds of fat a year...
  7. cocoabean
    they will ban it soon so all dont keep hopes up these are just a craze does it contain aspatame ? whens the uk release date? and dont tell me the main ingredient is flouride

    our water has flouride doesnt that make us dum enough?
  8. cra$h
    .... Weed in a can? And it's a grape drink called drank? Ignorance is oozing out of this idiot reporter. If anyone knows anything about purple drank, it's codeine based. And think of how much more shock value (which is the driving force of the media) "heroin in a can" would be? they say it's no good, but to a kid, it sounds GREAT! nothin like a legal drug you can buy at 7/11
  9. missparkles
    I assume that within a year it will be a scheduled drug. It's what usually happens to most natural substances. ;)
  10. eksol
    So is this thing out yet ? And only in Arizona or nation wide ? I want to try this.
  11. cra$h
    lolz the slogan is "slow your roll", and it can be ordered online. dunno if it goes intercontinental though. availiblility in the states can be found on their site, drankbeverage (dot) com, then up at the top it'll say distributers. Even says what county it's available in
  12. missparkles
    Not sure I wanna drink anything if I don't know just what's in it, or how it's gonna affect me. Sparkles quite likes being a responsible adult. Well it's taken so long to get here. It's still a novelty.:laugh:
  13. Space Numpty
    The three active ingredients in this drink are very standard supplements anyone can purchase from a health food shop.

    Melatonin is a hormone that regulates serotonin
    Valerian is a plant used traditionally to promote natural sleep and relieve stress
    Rosehip again is a plant with proported relaxing properties

    In short SWIM wouldnt be getting too excited personally.

    In the words of the great Chuck D "Don't believe the hype" :cool:
  14. chibi curmudgeon
    Melatonin is only active sublingually. Do you just swish this around in your mouth?
  15. chillinwill
    Melatonin is active other ways than just sublingually. They even sell Melatonin pills which Red Rock takes every night,
  16. missparkles
    Sparkles gets Melatonin 2mg from her doc. They're clear capsules with white powder in them. Sparkles takes it with juice. :thumbsup:
  17. ninjaned
    ok swim tried it like he said he would, and like he thought, no high. just felt rather calm and a little bit tired. so why should this be illegal? comparing this to weed is like comparing an energy drink to meth. this just goes to show how hostile some people can be to new things...
  18. beizebopp
    SWIM was under the impression that 'purple drank' is slang for a mixture of cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine along with a fizzy drink.

    SWIM imagines that this will be put under scrutiny for the audience drank is trying to appeal to. SWIM imagines this will also tip the scales in favour of banning drank.

    mmm Purple Drank. :)
  19. readeadamie
    SWIM thinks the drink (or drank) is supposed to be an anti-energy drink. When you smoke weed your brain releases large amounts of melatonin, especially if you're smoking an indica. The melatonin makes you calm and sleepy, and if combined with THC it makes your thoughts wander/makes you space out. The Valerian in the drink makes your brain release GABA which makes you sleepy and calm. Rosehip syrup is high in VitC and taste sweet. This seems to SWIM more like a herbal sleep aid in a sweet grape flavoured carbonated drink although SWIM can see how some comparisons could be drawn between the effects of the drink and weed (eg. melatonin, sedation, calmness), but not many. It wouldn't get you high but maybe kinda stoned. SWIM'd like to try a can of this the next time he is smoking some 100% sativa weed to see if it evens out the high. ie get rid of paranoia, feel calmer and more relaxed. It'd could help S get to sleep after any stimulant use too. SWIM would also like to mention that melatonin is not available as a herbal supplement in Ireland and is only available by prescription. We live in a Nanny state. Revolution?
  20. LostCelestial
    Hurray for the media!

    A soda that relaxes you? HERETIC! Go get filled with tranquilizers and antidepressants and go to therapy twice a week. Then get even more upset because your SSRI's give you impotence, so get some viagra too.

    Seriously, why is the media, especially in the states, so anti-drug that they have to stamp all over everything that some people might actually enjoy?
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