Remember Ricky Williams?

By Motorhead · Nov 20, 2009 · ·
  1. Motorhead
    Ok so I'm sticking with a sports related theme here. I'm half-way through the NFL season while managing two fantasy football teams so I'm all about football these days.

    Remember a few years back when Ricky Williams was suspended from the NFL for puffing the magic dragon? Well after a few year stint of chilling out and playing a year in Canadian football, Williams returned to the Miami Dolphins this season and is having a hell of a year playing backup to Ronnie Brown, and last night looked like a 25 year old on his way to having a spectacular game starting in place of the injured Brown.

    I'm not going to go on about how althletes that smoke weed can go on to have successful careers(although that list is actually growing), but what makes this case stick out in my mind is how poorly treated Williams was by the NFL and Media. Sure the NFL is an Ultra-conservative organization and Williams behaviour at the time was erractic at best, but he was really hung out to dry at the time and the marijuana use was often a focal point. Don't quote me, but I recall Dan Marino calling him a 'flake' or something to that effect on CBS sports on live television.

    Now Williams is having a great come-back year and had a monster of a game in the starting role last night, but no-one is really talking about him this morning. When the analysts talk about the game, discussion on Williams is kept to a minumum. Perhaps many of them are to embarassed to talk highly of him after tearing him apart a few years ago.

    No mention of his pot filled past on any of the big sports pages south of the border yet, although the Canadian Press offered this snippet.

    Yes it was all that time off.

    Anyways, I hope Williams finishes off this season very strong, and this may become a bigger story yet. cheers.

    *the joint in the last photo is obviously photoshopped. That was a famous image of Williams on the sidelines which was often used in the soundbytes smearing him at the time.

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  1. chillinwill
    He sure is having a hell of a year. I would probably consider him one of the top 10 backs in the NFL. He is on my fantasy football team and got me 31 points last night:laugh:

    Sorry for the off topic comment but just wanted to mention that
  2. Motorhead
    Fantasy football will never be an off topic in any blog of mine chillinwill. He's not on either of my teams, but I'm rooting for him.
  3. Potter
    I don't know shit about football, but I can't help but wonder how a fantasy team composed entirely of people with drug related infractions would do?
  4. Motorhead
    I'm sure they would do alright. I should point out that while alot of athletes you see in the news who get pinched are often just recreational users. Williams is in fact very shy and was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and used marijuana medicinally to cope with life in the NFL. He tried paxil in the past, but didn't like it.

    The NFL probably has the stictest drug policy of any sports league, and were testing Williams nine times a month at one point!
  5. AciD_HeD
    does anyone remember dock ellis and the infamous lsd nohitter...illicit drugs and sports a match made in psycchedellic heaven
  6. Motorhead
    Ricky Williams watch: Sunday Nov 29th, 115 rushing yards, 1 TD. Good game.
  7. Motorhead
    Alright, so the Dolphins didn't make the playoffs and Williams didn't finish off quite as strong as I had hoped, but he did end up with 1121 total rushing yards and 11 touchdowns. Thats still pretty damn good for a 32 year old pothead in the NFL who didn't even start for the first half of the season.
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