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Report: 7-year-old girl tests positive for drugs

  1. BitterSweet
    19112.jpg FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) — Authorities in Indiana say a 7-year-old girl tested positive for PCP and other drugs after she was taken to a hospital emergency room in Fort Wayne.

    Department of Child Services spokeswoman Stephanie McFarland said Friday that the agency has had “prior contact” with the child’s family but she couldn’t comment further.

    The Journal Gazette says no criminal charges have been filed. A police report says officers and a DCS official went to Parkview Hospital Randallia on Wednesday after the child tested positive for methadone, marijuana and Phencyclidine, a narcotic commonly known as PCP.

    The police report says the child’s mother refused to talk to officers, but officials were investigating whether another caretaker may have been involved and the DCS intended to interview the other children in the girl’s home.

    Date: March 2, 2013
    Written by Associated Press Indianapolis, Indystar.com


  1. babalooj
    Is the article missing something?
    I don't see how the first paragraph relates, and it doesn't state why she was initially taken to the ER.
    I would like to know that info
  2. Saccharine
    I heard a while back about a little girl whose mother put PCP in her school lunch.
  3. BitterSweet
    Nope, that's the article. I thought it was really short too, but still wanted to post it. I just adjusted the article text, the first paragraph was a caption to the picture, so I got rid of it. The article is even shorter but that paragraph did making it confusing. I dug up a more lengthier article on this and will post it in the reply after this.
  4. BitterSweet
    Methadone, Pot, PCP found in 7-Year-Old Girl's System

    Methadone, marijuana and PCP were found in the system of a 7-year-old girl brought to a local emergency room, according to a Fort Wayne police report.

    Details of what happened Wednesday are vague, but the police report suggests the state Department of Child Services is involved in the case and made a visit to the child's home after coming to the hospital.

    No criminal charges have been filed.

    Two police officers were called to Parkview Hospital Randallia at Randallia Drive and East State Boulevard about 7:15 p.m. to assist Child Services, which also had an official driving to the hospital.

    "While in route dispatch advised that 7 year old (name redacted) was there and tested positive for methadone, PCP and marijuana after her mother (name redacted) brought her in," one officer wrote in his report.

    Methadone is a synthetic opiate used to treat pain and heroin addiction. Phencyclidine, commonly known as PCP and also called "angel dust," is an illegal narcotic that can cause hallucinations.

    When officers arrived at the hospital, they were told the child, a girl, was in a room with her mother.

    While they waited for the Child Services official, one of the officers noticed the girl's mother using a phone nearby and talking to someone about what was happening with her daughter, the police report said.

    The mother mentioned "being arrested if she tried to leave the hospital," an officer wrote in his report.

    The official with Child Services arrived and tried to interview the mother for a half-hour, according to the report, but the mother "refused to discuss anything."

    At some point, the Child Services official gleaned a name of someone who had taken care of the mother's children and who may have "some responsibility" for the child getting drugs into her system, the report said.

    The Child Services official then told police she would be going to the mother's and child's home to interview the other children there, the report said.

    The official also told the officers that they were no longer needed because "(name redacted) was going to be moved to (redacted) and (name redacted) was not planning on joining her."

    A Department of Child Services official could not offer other information Friday.

    Article Here

    This link has a short news video.
  5. babalooj
    Thanks for finding that other article.
    That's really crazy, i can't imagine seeing little kids doing drugs, i feel at that point in life no one really needs drugs, life is already pretty cool. But i should know better that that is not always the case.
    I just hate the idea of little kids doings drugs, i still am a kid myself, being only 18, but it drives me nuts just seeing 10 or 11 or 12 year olds smoking cigarettes, ugh
  6. Alfa
    I wonder if the test results are accurate or if someone has messed up the test results.
  7. Alien Sex Fiend
  8. morrison

    That was my first thought as well.
  9. BitterSweet
    I tried to find a follow up to this story but the only articles were on March 1-3 when the story was first reported. I suspect either nothing substantial has come of this or a follow up is still in the works. Either way, these details are very sketchy. If I were the parent I would be kind of pissed to have this reported in news articles when its just speculation (well, aren't most media reports and news articles released under speculation before anything is even established besides hype?)
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