Report: Bonds failed amphetamine test

By Each Hit · Jan 11, 2007 · ·
  1. Each Hit

    not sure if anybody cares, but it involves drug use and one of the most controversial sports figures at the moment...

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  1. zera
    I'm tired of all this holier than thou steroid controversy. All of this rhetoric about "infringing upon the sanctimony" of the records is bullshit. Guess what the game is far different today than it was 50 years ago, sports medicine and training was way farther back. Every record in sports has been shatterred in the past 50 years and not just because modern athletes have "more heart."

    Steroids are just a continuation of radical enchancement for athletic performance. Steroids are no more unnatural than modern weight training, whey protein, micro knee and wrist surgery, laser eye surgery, multi-vitamins, insulin monitoring or computer modeling of biomechanics. What they should really do is just start two leagues, one where steroids are allowed and one where they're banned. Let's see how much the fans really care about the issue. My guess is that the non-steroids leagues will be about as popular as the women athletic leagues are today.
  2. Each Hit
    that's where i have to disagree. i watch sports to see what the human body (and in some respects, the mind) can achieve through hard work and training, not through hormones and injections. there is a definite and not insignificant difference between using human growth hormone and using whey protein. it's one thing to have surgery to repair damaged tissue, but it's quite another to juice up to gain an advantage.

    sports are about passion and giving 110% in the face of adversity. steroids go completely against that. they might have valid medicinal use, but they have no place in sports. it's not like they are the only substances banned in pro sports. athletes cannot use marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, or many other substances, so why should performance enhancing drugs be allowed??
  3. blinkKDX
    swim does not have a problem with somone useing steroids.... not at all....

    but when you cant own up to it when everyone already knows it pisses swim off.

    swim is glad this happend to this guy

    baseball is a boring sport! yeah swim said it. let the flamming begin.

    a quote from a baseball player from swim's school,
    "baseball is the only big sport that allows the guys to be out of shape and still excell in the sport, other than golf."
  4. old hippie 56
    Swim is glad McGuire didn't make it in the Hall of Fame, if Pete Rose can't get in for gambling, steroids users shouldn't be allowed either.
  5. Zentaurus41
    Remember the 80s - Winners don't use drugs

    If winners don't use drugs then why are they uses banned from competing in sporting events ?
  6. enquirewithin
    Yeah-- if winners don't use drugs, why is Arnold Shwarzeneggar a multi-millionaire film star and twice governor of California?
  7. thegoodfight
    Becuase it wasn't illegal when he used them!! Nice an convienient. Arnold owes all he has to the Dbol's he admitted to popping like tic-tac's in the 60's. If it weren't for his grotesquely over-proportionate physique, he would never been a star. Sure wouldn't have made it on acting!
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