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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Report: Oklahoma may reverse-switch PSE law

    OKLAHOMA CITY (Oct. 2) According to an Associated Press report published Thursday, Oklahoma may join California in considering the reverse-switch of pseudoephedrine, making the common decongestant available only with a doctor’s prescription, in an effort to stem methamphetamine production.

    Oklahoma arrests for methamphetamine production have risen sharply over the past 18 months, peaking in April when 37 cases involving a total of 74 defendants were filed in state district court, according to the report.

    Rep. Lucky Lamons, D-Tulsa, Okla., announced plans to introduce the reverse-switch legislation in 2010.

    Both the Oklahoma Pharmacists Association and the Consumer Healthcare Products Association oppose the proposed measure, arguing that the are policies in place, if enforced, would effectively stem meth production while still maintaining legitimate access to the cold medicine.

    Similar to California and in Missouri, CHPA has offered to fund a state-wide electronic logging system that would enable law enforcement to track people attempting to purchase more than their legal limit in PSE products in real time.

    Oregon is currently the only state that requires a prescription for pseudoephedrine products.

    By Michael Johnsen



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