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Report: Regulate cannabis & ecstasy.

By Docta, Sep 10, 2012 | | |
  1. Docta

    REGULATING cannabis use could be the way forward because of the "colossal failure" of the war on drugs, a report says.

    The report suggests the establishment of hard-to-get, easy-to-lose licences for the cultivation, wholesale and retail supply of cannabis, including for medicinal use.

    Plain packets of the drug would feature warning labels with all advertising and political donations from cannabis companies banned.

    The Australia 21 Alternatives to Prohibition report, (See Attachment) released on Sunday, is the result of a roundtable in July of 22 experts and young people, canvassing new approaches to drug policy.

    Among the report's authors is the University of Melbourne's former dean of medicine David Penington, who has proposed decriminalisation for possession and use of cannabis and ecstasy for people 16 and over.

    Users would be recorded on a national register and could purchase cannabis from an approved government supplier in regulated amounts.

    "There would be full cost recovery of production and distribution, including a dispensing fee, in the price to clients," Professor Penington said in the report.

    "Counselling and treatment should be available to any dependent users as a health service, akin to that provided by society to other individuals with serious afflictions."

    Australia 21 director Alex Wodak, another of the report's authors, said that under the proposal cannabis, instead of being controlled by criminal and corrupt police, would be regulated.

    "I don't use the term 'legalisation' because no two people agree what the term means," Dr Wodak told AAP on Sunday.

    "It would be legal like alcohol and tobacco."

    The system would allow government to have a say in how the market operates and get help to users, Dr Wodak said.

    "We would be able to put warning labels on the packets," he said.

    "We'd be able to provide information to consumers about what they're buying. It's basically a system that can be controlled and regulated."

    Dr Wodak predicts the push will generate controversy but says prohibition has not worked.

    "Most people accept the view drug prohibition has been a colossal failure," he said.



  1. Ubercheese
    obviously a good idea, but why would users have to be recorded on a national register?
  2. kumar420
    i'd imagine for the sake of both medical and law enforcement professionals; i'm more worried about law enforcement knowing about it though. it would make it easier to target drug-using drivers if they were on a national registry; it would also give cops a chance to target poly-drug users (say if they got caught for a substance other than MDMA or cannabis and were on the record, could be used as grounds for a court-ordered drug test)

    however other than that i think its a good idea; there are far too many cannabis and MDMA related arrests around here, as those are the two most popular illegal drugs in australia. and there has been plenty of shitty, cut pills flowing around, especially in our major cities; everything from BZP to PMAA to fucking ephedrine and speed.
    having a government dispensary for MDMA would definitely cut down on the amount of pill-related overdoses and such (as well as proper drug education; many people here mix MDMA and alcohol, which is horrible for the body. proper harm reduction would drastically reduce the amount of mdma and alcohol related hospital admissions)
  3. nitehowler
    I hope the Australian government wake up to themselves and stop jailing our family members and making these safer alternatives to alcohol available.

    The community realizes that the war on drugs is a financial loss and a burden that creates hatred and corruption in our jail and legal system.

    People are turning to untested chemicals that will lead to unknown medical and psychological problems a struggling medical system will never be able to cope with.

    Alcohol is highly rated as a drug associated with domestic violence and assaults. Myself and many people would love the introduction of an MDMA dispensary as this drug stops anxiety and depression better than most drugs available legally.

    How many of our kids have to die because of the failure of governments to right the wrong they have created.

    Many ecstasy tablets contain dangerous generic easy to get substances generally toxic poisons this is because of the way the government and law enforcement have approached the situation.Some of these substances have stronger mind altering unknown effects and are untested.

    The lucky and so called country we live in has more laws and regulations than any communist country in the world to the point that freedom of speech no longer exists yet our government victimizes and accuses other countries on human rights issues.A government that highly discriminates against people of colour and origin and even people with medical issues.A government that pushes its beliefs onto a community over advice of its own advisory bodies and medical experts with university degrees.

    If a country can not clean up their own backyard why should we be trying to clean up everybody elses. This government is so entrenched trying to persuade every government to follow its stupid ideas that dont seem to be achieving there effective goal here.

    One of these ideas is the carbon tax which is now crippling communities within this country.The elderly cant even afford to switch on heating and so are contracting pneumonia flues and coughs.The average Australian family cant even afford to shower everyday with increased power and water bills.
    The medical system is so stretched that people are dying because of inadequate services.
    Prices of some items have increased by 400% (no typing error yes 400%)

    You speak out and say these rises are because of a carbon tax and you can be jailed.
    I hope the world wakes up to these insulting western governments cause i would hate other families around the world to go through what my family has had to endure.

    May we have no pity on ridiculous governments that want to control the world to an extent where communities are pushed into depression yet we are told we are lucky.

    This country needs a good strong community uprising.
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