Response Date Set

  1. LasVegasEd777
    The CEO of HHC is on vacation. He got back to me and said he will respond on the 19th.
    I sort of have him backed into a corner. Of course, this could backfire on me. He will more than likely have consulted with his lawyer before dealing with me.

    This reply will determine a lot. I will understand if there is no other doctor. I refuse to see the one I saw last. However, as I told the CEO, I will demand that he reverses "our" decision not to report "Pete" to the medical board. Something tells me I will be giving a deposition in the future.

    In the meantime, I will yet again seek a doctor to try to obtain Subutex on a maintenance schedule.

    I'll post the reply. Remember there is a "mod" delay.

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