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Restaurant chain to offer cannabis mayo on French fries

  1. Rob Cypher
    A chain of Dutch chip shops is to start offering cannabis mayonnaise on their fries, but the resulting snack will not give you the munchies or make you high.

    “I had the idea because I smell the cannabis coming from the coffee shop opposite my chip shop in Amsterdam every day,” Manneken Pis chip shop chain owner Albert van Beek told AFP on Tuesday.

    Unlike the cannabis sold in Dutch coffee shops, the mayonnaise will contain none of the active ingredient THC.

    “It’s just about the taste, we specialise in sauces and we constantly want to diversify,” Van Beek said.

    Menus will clearly state that the mayonnaise, vastly more popular with chips in the Netherlands and Belgium than ketchup or vinegar, contains no euphoric THC.

    Agence France-Presse
    Tuesday, April 9, 2013 12:07 EDT



  1. SpatialReason
    Oh god, this would be something only Europe would do: mayo and french fries. Now give that to the dutch, and you have yourself a flavor nightmare. This sounds awful for taste. I really mean that. There is nothing that attracts me about mayo or french fries. If you were to sell this to the US, no one would eat it regardless if it had THC or not. The folks here in the states do not enjoy even the notion of anyone putting mayo on french fries.
  2. ianzombie
    Its not really a big European thing either, more France than anything.
  3. SpatialReason
    Well, there are more places that love that. Some of the weirder Germans enjoy doing that. Yet the freaking Ukrainian kids I went to school with loved to dump mayo in a cup and eat it with everything. It was just gross. Oh so gross. It seems to be a Eastern Europe or French thing apparently. It isn't like that in the rest of Europe! Your neck of the woods likes malt Vinegar (*salutes that*). And all the Scandanavians loved ketchup or just dry fries. I remember "Makko" burgers from McDonalds in Finland where McD's would give you a packet of spices to mix with your fries. They liked eating them dry too!

    The only solace I got from the grossness was pointing out the fact that a Russian girl had some on her chin. It was probably the funniest moment of my life trying not to laugh. Oh all the wonderful thoughts that can be generated by a horny 20 year old in a foreign country.

    I'll pump you some mayo for that french fry. :)

    Seriously on topic though: no amount of tasty drugs will fix the desire to put mayo on your french fries. Sorry folks. I have a feeling Alfa is going to come in and say that "this is his favorite condiment," and I will feel like a fool. Nonetheless, eeeeeeeeewwwww.
  4. Alien Sex Fiend
    mayo and french fries? lol mayo that smells like skunk? even bigger lol It does have a weird greenish tint to it?
  5. Potter
    "We want to look hip and edgy, but not actually BE hip or edgy."
  6. Anna Thema
    i love mayo & chips (fries). had it in germany, france, belgium...not popular in the UK...cant think why, its just egg and chips with extra oil, whats not to like...egg and chips, food of the gods

    thc free mayo sounds dull though
  7. SpatialReason
    If it did have THC:

    You know how some people just throw away condiment packets? Those days would change very quickly. Those suckers would get used. Very much so. It would be great for the environment! :D
  8. ratgirldjh
    I've made mayo with hemp seed oil many times. It does have a weird greenish tint to it though.

    Here all sorts of weird mayos are popular.

    I grew up eating mayo instead of ketchup on my french fries! Tartar sauce is my favorite though :)
  9. Buddha2012
    Mayo is best !! Leaps and bound more tasty than Ketchup for sure, Mayo on my friends till infinity ! lol But on the other hand, Cannabis Mayonaise sounds awful, but I'm sure some people will enjoy it !
  10. seaturtle
    I live in the US and I like mayo and french fries, even moreso than ketchup and french fries. It's common at bars around here. Weed mayo and fries sounds tasty to me.
  11. Meabhsnan
    In Ireland mayo is definitely popular on chips, garlic mayo is on fast food shop menus as a regular option. Personally I enjoy mayo and ketchup, or curry sauce, another regular option. Grated cheese can be added to any of them, and coleslaw is another popular topping to chips ( french fries).Don't fancy the Dutch weed version though!
  12. mmmbreakfast
    I used to be the same as all other Americans in regards to mayo on fries. After I moved to Germany and I avoided it for a long time, I ate it once while drunk and absolutely loved it. I still put mayo on my fries to this day. Give it a shot before you knock it, you'd be surprised at how good it really is. On a different note the thickness of the fries makes a big difference. The thicker and creamier the fries are, the better they taste with mayo.
  13. juggalotweeker17
    Mayo on fries sound disgusting. I would hesitate to eat it if it had thc. I would avoid the inactive mayo like the plague.
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