Retrospect of a Devils Advocate

By ShadyknightSC · May 10, 2014 · ·
  1. ShadyknightSC
    In the 2 years 7 months since cooking and consuming became a part of normal routine. Shady had lost 25 pounds, A Samsung S4, 2 firearms, 2 ps3's, 4 pairs of oakleys, 3 vehicles, 6 months of freedom, 50+ 'acquaintances', 1 sister,3 jobs, 3 homes, His dog(best friend), His wife(took the dog), His families trust and respect, a chunk of sanity, 2 teeth, feeling in His right ring n pinky finger(lacerated tendon), inhaled enough carcinogens to guarantee some form of cancer, chemically burned multiple areas of arms and fingers, deviated septum(too many hot rails), retinal damage left eye(muriatic splash), anaphalactic shock(mouthful of lye layer), trashed the veins in his arms. And those are just the highlights of a nightmare.
    Stood by a very close friend as he carelessly gave up everything good in his life in order to be a 'Sunrise Surfer'. Witnessed countless peoples lives disintegrate in no time as my poison kept assuring them they were 'happy'. Tina...She takes everything from you and makes you think you're better than ever. The greed of this drug is a vortex of destruction. But Shady owes his happiness to her.
    He met His soul mate (unknown at the time) in the middle of that storm. By chance he had her by his side when the 'Empire' he created fell in an instant. She left town for recovery and he left state for self preservation. She came back into his life over the recent Holidays. She titled him her Savior...A title he had no right to have. A point came where he asked her to SAVE HIM. They parted ways shortly after and did little more than exchange pleasantries through Facebook as the New Year came and went.
    Late in January, He had discovered ROCK BOTTOM in his nightmare. He had no one left, no REASON remained. Suicide began to seem a viable option. Drowning in the madness he created, Shady reached out to HER and to his surprise she took his hand. Shady grabbed hold with all he had left to give. Broken and beaten, he leaned on her harder than he had ever leaned on anyone in his life. She held him up and on February 17th, Shady gave up the beast. For 54 days WE were clean. And every day he found a new part of himself through her. Relapse was inevitable and that's ok, He'll always be an addict. Always have been. But he gained a REASON to be HIM again. And honestly, everything Meth took from him pales in value to the treasure of a woman he gained as a result. So thanks Tina, if not for you he wouldn't be truly happy. Clearly fate walks a winding road and EVERYTHING happens for a reason, even if the answer is years away.
    I wouldn't trade my nightmare for anything, because in the end, it turned into a Dream. I love you Squirrel

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  1. nicky's_daddy
    Your Squirrel will always be here for you, my dear. Forever&Always
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