Revelations from a recent ecounter with lsd

By x cynic x · Feb 11, 2008 · ·
  1. x cynic x
    My friend took lsd the other day and told me that he had many new theories came about. He realized that drugs are a burden to society because they many people to function improperly and make less of a contribution to society. The positive side of the argument is too inhumane to be valid, for if we could have the option to consume whatever chemicals we wanted to, the weak wouldn't have any self-control and they would abuse substances until they died. Yet no matter what the legal position is, people will always consume mind-altering substances for one simple reason. Life can get very boring and dull with constant routines. For this reason, mankind is fascinated with various forms of entertainment. These forms of entertainment include sports, socializing, television, music, video games, drugs, and many combinations of the above. When the legal forms of entertainment begin to lose their appeal, they can be enhanced by enjoying them in an altered state of mind. My friend loves to toss philosophies back and forth with his friends while under the influence of strong psychedelics, though he only indulges on the occassion. He realizes that he enjoys this because it's a combination of socializing and drugs that strays from the regularity of his routine. This combination also suits his interests because he always feels a need for explanation. And it's the strong psychedelics that help him find explanations to many of the conflicting ideologies that exist amongst us.

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  1. chemlove
    SWIM loves to ponder society and the universe!
  2. savingJenniB
    Your friend may find that all those explanations that he is finding, have a way of expanding expotentially and mutating into the realms of the entirely unexplainable.

    Tell your friend to enjoy the magic.

    And if he is really looking for explanations ~
    he should consult his pineal gland.
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