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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    HEALTH workers will hit Tyneside’s nightlife this weekend to warn revellers about a potentially fatal batch of ecstasy pills sweeping the region.

    Teams of specialist NHS workers will be dispatched to pubs and clubs around South Shields on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

    It follows an incident in which three people were left fighting for their lives in hospital after taking the tablets at an unknown location in South Tyneside on Saturday night.

    After forensic tests, the pills have today been identified as the party drug ecstasy, but they contain another unknown substance, which is believed to have caused the life-threatening symptoms.

    Seven people, all from South Tyneside, have so far been arrested in connection with the drugs. Four were bailed on Sunday and the remaining three were bailed yesterday while the investigation continues.

    And, as fears grow that the drugs could have spread around the region, health chiefs today issued a stern warning about the dangers of taking illegal drugs.

    Janice Chandler, joint commissioning manager at NHS South of Tyne and Wear, which covers South Tyneside Primary Care Trust, said: “All drugs carry risks but impurities in drugs can make them even more dangerous.

    “Other substances in drugs can change the effect the drugs have, which can leave the user disorientated and they may panic and be more likely to be involved in accidents.

    “Similarly, taking what you think is one type of drug and finding that it is another, with possibly very different effects, can be disturbing.

    “Impurities in drugs can also sometimes be dangerous to consume in themselves.

    “Anyone who may be thinking of taking illegal drugs should be aware of this increased risk and be very cautious.

    “Even if you think it is a particular drug you may have no idea how strong the dose is, whether it also contains another drug or other substances. It can obviously be dangerous to take something that you are not sure about.”

    Five people were taken to South Tyneside District Hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning, with three suffering from life-threatening symptoms.

    All five have since recovered.

    A Northumbria Police spokeswoman said today: “The drugs are ecstasy-based, but contain another unknown substance.”

    Det Chief Insp Peter Bent added: “We have seized a quantity of tablets which we think are the dangerous drug that is in circulation, which caused several people to be seriously ill over the weekend.

    “If anyone has bought drugs which look like this, or is offered them for sale, I would strongly advise them not to take them.

    “They could have very dangerous, and even potentially fatal consequences.”

    Anyone with any information should contact Northumbria Police on 03456 043 043, or call Crimestoppers anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

    Dec 14 2010
    by Andy Hughes
    Evening Chronicle


    While the published story wasn't clear the tag on the photo seems to indicate it is one of the suspectpills


  1. jgarlopa
    Cowboy isn't allowed to go to the UK anymore, but thinks they should have an organization like DanceSafe with booths (complete with testing) set up at all the major festivals there. We all know that drugs will never be eliminated, so harm reduction must be the key...
  2. Phenoxide
    I am frankly appalled that this country lacks the toxicology infrastructure to be able to quickly and conclusively identify a putative poison. It's incredibly disappointing that we have nothing like the dutch DIMS system in place.

    We can mobilize a swarm of health workers but cannot get one specialist lab working on characterizing the pill contents? No doubt the pills were sent to some jobsworth police lab that can't tell their ass from their authentic standards. I'd have thought that'd be rather helpful for treating those already affected and also preparing medical workers for any future cases. They also do not state any symptoms to look out for, which doesn't help people to be vigilant for signs of poisoning in other people that may not have heard the warning.
  3. Terrapinzflyer
    finding much real info is sadly a challenge.

    A few tidbits from another article:

    EDIT ah bloody hell- doing some digging these seem to match the description/stamp of reportedly good quality ecstasy pills circulating in the general area a couple months back. (edit- confirmed by pictures- they are at least highly similar if not identical) Yet more reason visual ID's are not sufficient dealing with ecstasy pills.

    EDIT #2 some questioning if this may be related to a warning released a month ago by the Dutch DIMS system related to pills containing PMA/PMAA. I am unable to find the release (reportedly mid november) on the dIMS site to see if there is any useful info.
  4. mrsJackson
    Swim purchased some of these 140's a month back. They were a blue colour not green, quite soft and crumbley, and gave a roll which swim hadnt felt for nearly ten years from an ecstacy pill :). Swim was told by the vendor that he had tried to purchase some more however was told that there was abunch of fakes now being sold so didnt buy any. Thank god for a dealer with a concience is all swim can say as swim was planning on buying some more for the festive period!
  5. John Doe
    This scenario could not be a more perfect reason for the English authorities to start thinking about real solutions to the issues at hand.

    For a start if they ever were legalized people would rarely if ever have issues consuming such substances for a number of reasons, none less than the contents of the compounds actually being reliable and exponentially less dangerous to consumers.

    The time, money and effort of this current campaign could be so better spent on education and prevention of such incidents in the future.

    The old age proverb about "Prevention being better than cure." is something that shines through on this one.

    It's just such a pity the government won't see the huge failings of their policies in this example either :(
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