Reversing the Spiral

By Camorphine · Feb 14, 2013 · ·
  1. Camorphine
    Self-medicating my self-destruction
    Oblivious to the obvious; gradual corruption.

    To each their own matter of preference
    Continue to fall for it's charming malevolence.

    Once was pure, euphoric, elation.
    Becomes compulsively needed for everyday functions.

    That moment of clarity has yet to be unveiled.

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  1. derpahderp
    Words from both your pieces are felt, and heard poster. Wherever your at in those thoughts don't be a stranger to knock at the door of the forums as well. Vm if you'd like to, cuz I Do understand.. Truly, I do.

    How long ago did you write these pieces?
  2. Camorphine
    I wrote the basis of them a while ago. Then I added/subtracted what was felt through past and present emotions. It's reassuring to know they are felt elsewhere and not just festering within. Thanks.
  3. derpahderp
    Never thought of the concept to actually minus words out.. Ill remember that. - So those words still echo through your head then? Or was it a fleeting whim to put up your writings..
  4. Camorphine
    They continue to pulse, as new ones manifest. Do you write?
  5. derpahderp
    yes, but not quite like that.. I used to be able to put up pieces and flow fairly easy. Im just a hack now hehe. Idk your forum but you should do a search on the forums.

    Each group has their writers or scry's - [url="]Groups like this need someones push[/url] and if you write Im sure more and more would come back or join.

    No need to kick it in the corner. Feel me?
  6. Camorphine
    Rad. should i re post these in there or start fresh?
  7. derpahderp
    No, no.. Not at all.

    I was merely stating that the forums might have other venues to share your stuff with,
    Very nice start here, and keep it up.. If you have questions just dm or wall post and welcome to d-f.
  8. Camorphine
  9. Shanthi
    I look at your avataar and it tears me apart within,
    That helpless bend of the neck with a skull on top, no skin
    Your desperate search for reason, that moment of clarity
    Do you think its right here, camouflaged in hilarity?

    I once was in a dungeon, dark, smelly, scary and lonely
    I thought Id never get out, unless an outsider set me free
    The dungeon had a door without a lock, to be pushed only
    I had never tried, I'd no one to blame but me

    Pain and suffering are integral parts of life, whether we like it or not,
    Some we take voluntarily but in some involuntarily are caught
    Just like we went all out to seek more than our share of joy
    Let us seek out atleast our share of pain, no oh boy!

    Its not easy to be a 'been there done that' because its gotta be in past tense
    You cant simply abstain as you then wont be making any sense
    So you gotta take the dip and swim across to the other side
    To become wiser and complete and have perspective wide.

    You are attracting your moment of clarity,
    its speeding towards you now!
    every second you think of it
    You draw it closer with dexterity.

    All the best Camorphine
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