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  1. Fight Club
    Time to check in and let the rest of you know that I have been fighting severe cravings and drug dreams the past few weeks . . . and they have passed without incident.

    This is really a huge thing for me. I have 7 months clean time, and had a 1-day slip the last time I had 7 months.

    Things had been going great; past the holiday blues, credit card bills paid, recovered from the friends that "went out" over the holidays. Money in the bank, working out, losing weight, skiing, golfing . . . life couldn't be better! So why did I want to get high and risk all the stuff I have worked so hard to rebuild? Am I afraid of success? What I might become?

    Who cares? I am clean today, and moving forward in my recovery after a rough few weeks.



  1. savingJenniB
    The five stars say it all FC: Excellent!!!

    Just happened to pull this card from my deck of Zen - "The cause of all suffering is craving. Desire things that you do not have, and suffering will follow. Realize this and peace will be yours. Suffering will disappear and contentment will reign."
  2. Metomni
    Awesome job! Keep it up, mate. Hopefully the acute cravings will subside soon though. Good luck!
  3. sylenth
    learning something that makes most importance takes a few knockings to realise the seriousness of the commitment. well done, this could be the last realisation of fate.
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