Right when I'm about to reach two weeks...

By pinky808 · Mar 26, 2012 · ·
  1. pinky808
    Right when I'm about to reach two weeks, I fuck up. Gave in. Did it yesterday and today. :eek:

    I think that all of this just goes to show that I can't stop on my own.
    Yes I have plenty of support from my parents and some close coworkers and my therapist but ultimately I need some people who are trained to help me with this.

    I just don't want to live my life waiting to pick up. The stresses of picking up. And then doing it and everything.

    I'm trying to not completely discourage myself because I did come a long way and if I am too hard on myself then I'll get depressed and maybe fuck up again. I just don't want this for myself.

    Anyway hope all of you are doing well!

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  1. Hardstepa
    hey pinky,been reading your blog the last few days you been doing good for a bit.Even though you have had a lapse doesnt mean you have to keep taking it.I had the same problem trying to get off heroin,i would get through the first week or so of withdrawals and once the physical symptoms started to ease up it was the mental effects that would send me back to it.Even though you gonna feel shit for a few days im sure you will do it.good luck!!x
  2. pinky808
    Hardstepa, Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad someone is reading this and knows what I'm going through :) seems like you know exactly how I feel.

    Take care <3
  3. knightsmith
    Hows things today?
  4. pinky808
    things are doing really good knight smith, i'm staying on the right track and trying my best to stay positive.
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