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Rising Use Of Hookah Or Shisha By The Young Exposes Them To Nicotine, Carbon Monoxide

By KingMe · May 12, 2010 · Updated May 15, 2010 · ·
  1. KingMe
    [h3]Rising Use Of Hookah Or Shisha By The Young Exposes Them To Nicotine, Carbon Monoxide And Carcinogens[/h3]

    11 May 2010
    As fewer people puff on cigarettes, a new smoking trend may be gaining popularity among North American youth. A study published in the journal Pediatrics has found that almost one-quarter of young adults in Montreal had used waterpipes (also known as shishas or hookahs) in the past year.

    "The popularity of waterpipes may be due in part to perceptions that they are safer than cigarettes. However, waterpipe smoke contains nicotine, carbon monoxide, carcinogens and may contain greater amounts of tar and heavy metals than cigarette smoke," warns senior investigator Jennifer O'Loughlin, a professor at the University of Montreal Department Of Social and Preventive Medicine and a scientist at the University of Montreal Hospital Research Center.

    As part of a longitudinal cohort investigation (NDIT Study), 871 youth aged 18 to 24 completed questionnaires on their smoking habits. The research team, which included scientists from the University of Montreal, the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec and McGill University, found that 23 percent of respondents had used a waterpipe within the last 12 months and that 5 percent had used waterpipes one or more times in the past month.

    The study found waterpipes to be particularly popular among young, English-speaking males who lived on their own and had a higher household income. In addition, the research team found that waterpipe users were more likely to use other psychoactive substances such as cigarettes, marijuana, illicit drugs and alcohol.

    About the study:
    The paper, "Waterpipe Smoking Among North American Youths," published in the journal Pediatrics, was authored by Erika Dugas, Daniel Cournoyer and Jennifer O'Loughlin of the University of Montreal and University of Montreal Hospital Research Center; Michèle Tremblay of the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec and Nancy C. P. Low of McGill University.

    Sylvain-Jacques Desjardins
    University of Montreal

    11 May 2010
    Medical news today: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/188330.php


  1. Potter
    Re: Rising Use Of Hookah Or Shisha By The Young Exposes Them To Nicotine, Carbon Mono

    I'm calling utter BULLSHIT! When properly prepared, a hookah is a vaporiser, the coals never touch the tobacco, not that shisa is more then .5% nicotine, 1/6th that normal tobacco, since the heating is indirect, there is no combustion, no carbon monoxide. The coals them selves burn clean, that's why you buy special coals and not BBQ charcoal.

    I want to see her procedures and back up justification for how she set up the "waterpipes" for the chemical analysis.

    Has this woman ever been in a hookah bar? Those places are a world apart from a room full of smokers, it doesn't take a lab report to tell you the air is clean.

    As for the woman's OTHER studies, we see one titled "Immigrating to Canada Puts Some Kids At Risk for Smoking", some how this does not raise my hopes that she's much of a scientist.
  2. honourableone
    Re: Rising Use Of Hookah Or Shisha By The Young Exposes Them To Nicotine, Carbon Mono

    Actually, the research done into hookah consumption isn't too favourable. At best it shows slightly reduced risks compared to other forms of smoking, which are small enough to be considered insignificant. More papers than not suggest it is worst than other forms of smoking from what I have seen.

    Here are links to articles on pubmed that I annoyingly don't have access to. I'll try and find full articles and do a search of DFs articles now, perhaps request these papers to be uploaded.

    Comparison of carcinogen, carbon monoxide, and ultrafine particle emissions from narghile waterpipe and cigarette smoking: Sidestream smoke measurements and assessment of second-hand smoke emission factors.

    Waterpipe tobacco and cigarette smoking: direct comparison of toxicant exposure.

    Indoor air contamination during a waterpipe (narghile) smoking session.

    It seems people often have the unfounded belief that hookah use is practically harmless in many cases. I was recently annoyed when a friend announced a break from smoking and within 10 minutes was discussing the possiblity of visiting a shisha lounge he had found out about in our city.

    EDIT: found one paper I did have access to, though it seems less conclusive/comprehensive that the first two I listed. Attached it here and will upload to the file archive.
  3. Potter
    Re: Rising Use Of Hookah Or Shisha By The Young Exposes Them To Nicotine, Carbon Mono

    I still can't buy the nicotine being higher, my test subject is a very occasional tobacco smoker and is not at all unfamiliar with the effects of nicotine, yet finds none of those effects from hookah smoking. Carbon monoxide is super breathable, so that's not one that can be bio-assayed, but if there's nicotine, wouldn't it be felt?
  4. honourableone
    Re: Rising Use Of Hookah Or Shisha By The Young Exposes Them To Nicotine, Carbon Mono

    The paper does mention less subjective effects from hookah use, though SWIM remembers a toilet break at the time he went to a shisha bar and the nicotine dizziness nearly made him fall down the stairs; personally SWIM can feel the effects of hookah smoking. Perhaps other forms of smoking have effects caused by factors other than nicotine.
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