Road Rash

By Heretic.Ape. · Jul 28, 2008 · ·
  1. Heretic.Ape.
    So I just had my first--and hopefully last--crash on my scooter. I was on my way to work and tried to dodge a big ugly pothole but the road was very wet and I hit an oil slick and went down. The good news is that I get to skip work even though I didn't really get hurt. Just missing some skin on my elbow and knee. Totally lame. I stood up and was just PISSED. Standing there, my expensive shirt torn up (the clothes I wear to work are much nicer than what I would normally consider spending for clothes), my scooter scratched up, me soaking wet and skinned up. The scooter is a little banged up but seems to be in working order. Will just need to order a new turn signal cover and do a little touch up on the paint.
    So lift your glasses high to the ape's first crash, his brush with the asphalt god of the biker, cheating death and walking away like Evil Canival ;)

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  1. sylenth
    it provides a different kind of high do'nt you think? i like accidents where i do'nt get too hurt & naturally any one else. welcome to the two wheel plowing club, i've had my fair share of accidents.

    those roasties are definetly gonna be an excuse for some dissacoiatives :laugh:

    watch out for those surfaces in the rain evil canival's nemesis! ape trix...
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