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Roadside Body Cavity Search: Angel And Ashley Dobbs Sue Texas State Troopers

By Basoodler, Dec 20, 2012 | Updated: Dec 20, 2012 | | |
  1. Basoodler
    View attachment 30480 A Texas woman and her niece are suing a pair of Texas state troopers and the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety for what they claim was an unconstitutional and "humiliating" roadside body cavity search earlier this year

    According to NBC News, 38-year-old Angel Dobbs and 24-year-old Ashley Dobbs from Irving, Tex., were driving along Highway 161 on July 13, when they were stopped for allegedly littering by State Trooper David Farrell.

    "In the dashcam video released by the women and their attorney, Farrell can be heard telling the women they would both be cited for littering for throwing cigarette butts out of the car," the news agency reports.

    After stopping the women, Farrell -- who claims to have "smelled marijuana" in their vehicle -- reportedly questioned the women about the drug and searched their car for traces of pot.

    The Dobbs' lawsuit filed on Monday, according to the Dallas Morning News, claims that the state trooper had tried to "morph this situation into a DWI investigation." The older woman, however, is said to have passed a roadside sobriety test and Farrell did not find any marijuana in the car.

    The trooper then returned to his vehicle and called female state trooper Kelley Helleson to the scene. He said he wanted Helleson to search the women because they were "acting weird," according to the dashcam recording.

    Angel and Ashley claim that they were then subjected to a very public and "humiliating" roadside body cavity search. They both claim that they were not warned beforehand that the "intrusive" search was about to take place.

    KVUE writes:

    The lawsuit alleges that Helleson used her fingers to search inside each woman's genital areas. The suit also says that the trooper did not change the glove she was wearing and performed the search without consent.

    The body cavity search is also said to have taken place "on the side of a public freeway illuminated by lights from the police vehicle in full view of the passing public," the women alleged, according to KVUE.
    "I was molested, I was violated, I was humiliated in front of other traffic," said Angel. "I had to watch my niece go through the same thing and I could not protect her at that point."

    Angel also alleges that while Helleson searched her anus, the state trooper "irritated one of the cysts she suffers from," causing her "severe and continuing pain and discomfort."

    "I don't think anybody needs to have to feel, or go through what we went through," Ashley told NBC News. "It crosses my mind every day. It's humiliating."

    Scott H. Palmer, the women's attorney, said that the searches were "basically a sexual assault" on the side of a road, according to Dallas Morning News.

    Other than Helleson and Farrell, the women are also suing Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

    McCraw is being sued, "for being aware of a long standing pattern of police misconduct involving unlawful strip searches, cavity searches and the like, yet [failing] to take corrective action," KVUE reports.

    “Following the traffic stop that occurred in July of this year and based on a citizen’s complaint, the Texas Rangers conducted an inquiry surrounding the events, and has since turned the results over to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office for review," said DPS spokeswoman Katherine Cesinger to the Dallas Morning News.

    On Wednesday, the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office said that the Dobbs' case is being investigated and will go before a grand jury next month.

    Posted: 12/19/2012 6:48 pm EST | Updated: 12/19/2012 6:48 pm

    Watch footage of the body cavity search here:and full text articles


  1. Basoodler
    Women Suing State Troopers Over Roadside Cavity Searches

    Two Irving women are suing two Texas State troopers and the director of the Department of Public Safety after they say they were violated, during what they call an unconstitutional search, when they were subjected to a roadside cavity search in full view of the public and without probable cause.

    Two Irving women are suing two Texas State troopers and the director of the Department of Public Safety after they say they were violated, during what they call an unconstitutional search, when they were subjected to a roadside cavity search in full view of the public and without probable cause.

    On July 13, while driving along State Highway 161, Angel Dobbs and her niece Ashley Dobbs were stopped for littering by Trooper David Ferrell. In the dashcam video released by the women and their attorney, Ferrell can be heard telling the women they would both be cited for littering for throwing cigarette butts out of the car.

    Farrell then returned to his cruiser and, in the video, can be heard calling female Trooper Kelley Helleson to the scene to search both women whom he said were acting weird.

    While waiting for Helleson to arrive, Farrell asked Angel Dobbs to step out of the vehicle and began questioning her about marijuana use. In the video, the trooper is heard telling Dobbs he smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle while asking her several times how much pot was in the car.

    Farrell: How much marijuana is in that car? And don't lie to me.

    Angel Dobbs: I don't smoke marijuana.

    Farrell: OK, how much marijuana is in that car? That's my question.

    Dobbs: I swear to God, I don't smoke marijuana.

    Farrell: I'm not asking you if you smoke it.

    Dobbs: I don't think there is any marijuana in that car.

    Farrell: OK, when was the last time somebody smoked marijuana in that car?

    Dobbs: I honestly don't know. It's my boyfriend's car. So, I just borrowed it.

    Farrell: There's an odor of marijuana coming from the car and that's why I've got to talk to you further about it. Um, and the more upfront you are the better it's going to go for you. So, you're telling me there's no marijuana in that car?

    Dobbs: To the best of my knowledge, no there is not.

    Farrell: Is there anything hidden on your person?

    Dobbs: On my person?

    Farrell: On your person, in your shoes, in your underwear?

    Dobbs: No. I feel like I'm being treated like a criminal right now. What's going on?

    Farrell: I've got a female Trooper up the road, she's going to come down here and we're just going to check a little bit more.

    After Helleson arrived, she can be seen in the dashcam video putting on blue latex gloves to conduct a search of both women. According to the lawsuit, when Angel Dobbs asked about the gloves, Helleson "told her not to worry about that."

    In the lawsuit, Dobbs said the trooper conducted the cavity search on the roadside, illuminated by the police car's headlights, in full view of any passing motorists.

    "This has been an eye-opening experience for me. I've never been pulled over, never searched like this. I was totally violated over there a few minutes ago... this is so embarrassing to me," Angel Dobbs said on the video.

    "I've never been so humiliated or so violated or felt so molested in my entire life," Angel Dobbs told NBC 5.
    Dobbs said she never gave consent for the trooper to "frisk, pat-down, search or otherwise touch her" and that she never gave consent for Farrell to search her vehicle -- which he can be seen doing in the dashcam video while the cavity search was under way.

    Dobbs said she was powerless to stop it. "What are you going to say? What's going to happen to you if you challenge that authority?" she said.

    With the cavity search concluded, Farrell then asked Dobbs about prescription medications found in the car. Dobbs said they were for her thyroid and for migraines. According to the lawsuit, Dobbs also suffers from a medical condition that was irritated by the search.

    Meanwhile, Helleson can then be seen performing the same cavity search on Dobbs' niece, Ashley.
    "It's because somebody is a daily smoker in that car. OK, you can attribute it to that," Farrell can be heard saying on the recording.

    The lawsuit further alleges that Helleson performed searches on both women, touching both their anus and vaginas, without changing the latex gloves between searches.

    "I don't think anybody needs to have to feel, or go through what we went through," Ashley Dobbs said. "It crosses my mind every day. It's humiliating," she said.

    After searching the entire car and finding no narcotics, Farrell then administered a DWI test that Dobbs passed, the lawsuit said. The women were then issued warnings for littering and released at the scene.
    The lawsuit goes on to say that a bottle of prescribed hydrocodone was missing from Dobbs' car and purse after the search. The women returned to the scene of the traffic stop the next day to search for the medication, but it was nowhere to be found.

    Their lawyers say the search was illegal and a complaint about it was filed in August but that DPS Texas Rangers who investigated the incident took no action.

    "This is outside the constitutional grounds by a mile. It's not even close," attorney Scott Palmer said. "This has to stop. These two need to be stopped. There's no telling how many other people they've done this to and we hope that others come forward."

    Attorney Charles Soechting Jr. said his father was a DPS trooper and he has great respect for the agency. "But in this instance they have completely failed the citizens of Texas," Soechting said.

    Soechting said a records request to DPS produced no policy that allows for cavity search of any suspect in public.

    "What we're dealing with is a Class C misdemeanor. It does not justify any type of pat-down, let alone an invasive search of cavities of women,"” he said.

    Calls for comment to the DPS Austin headquarters were not returned Tuesday.

    UPDATE: On Wednesday, the DPS told NBC 5 Helleson is suspended with pay. There had been no other suspensions as of Wednesday night.

    The women are requesting a trial by jury and are asking for unspecified, compensatory and exemplary damages and interest as well as recovery of attorney's fees and court costs.

    The Dallas County District Attorney's office told NBC 5 it has received the case and will refer it to a grand jury in January.

    By Frank Heinz and Ken Kalthoff

    | Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012 | Updated 7:22 PM CST
  2. Basoodler
    That is way too much effort just to find weed.. not to mention it was done while illuminated by spot lites on the side of the road


    And they stole their pills! It sounds like a script to some horrible lesbian police brutality themed porn movie
  3. kumar420
    Abuse of authority, plain and simple. Both cops should be sued for sexual assault and at the very least be fired, hopefully they'll do time as well. And i'd imagine texas inmates aren't fond of abusive cops, so maybe they'll learn their lesson
  4. Basoodler
    Especially since they did not find any weed... Its messed up in so many ways that they pulled them over for littering by throwing a cigarette butt out the car window. They escalate it by accusing them of having marijuana.. sexually assault/humiliate them thoroughly ..

    ..........................then don't even bother to charge them for littering.

    How much weed were they hoping to find stashed in a Vag or Anus anyway.
  5. kumar420
    i reckon... pills, smack, crack, meth yes. weed? fuck no, who'd want to smoke something that was stuck in their browneye anyway? yuck

    my guess was that this sleazy fucker saw two women driving along and decided to give them a hard time because he's a loser. i'm surprised his female partner went along with it though.
  6. Basoodler
    I added some photos of the search from another article. Its interesting that the media outlet chose to use the Ones of the female cop getting to 3rd and 2nd base.

    The female cop is looking all professional by using the girls shoulder to hold her weight as she "Checks" her..

    I figure these girls will have a decent case against the state highway patrol on this one
  7. MikePatton
    This is a classic case of police brutality... Some guy feels the need to compensate for his small penis or his dad never hugging him as a child so he joins the force and he is now free to dominate and harass others to get off.

    Unfortunately, I see it almost every day... It's a shame that these days you're actually more likely to be harmed by law enforcement than by criminals. I am not familiar with the law in Texas, are you not allowed to refuse a search...?
  8. Basoodler
    They skipped the part where you ask for consent
  9. MikePatton
    Interesting... This demonstrates how important it is to know your rights as a citizen and be familiar with the local law, perhaps they could have avoided this whole mess if they knew for a fact that they have the right to refuse a search without any consequences... Then again, who knows if this cop would have chosen to respect their refusal, or the law for that matter. At least they have it on tape, this case would have gone nowhere without that camera.
  10. Basoodler
    The more I think about this one the more I think that that there must be more to it. While I don't think there are any underlying factors that would justify a body cavity search, I think something must have made the cop suspicious.

    I mean its not real common to be pulled over for tossing a cig out the car window. He also called in the female cop in for the search before he even asked about marijuana.

    I am guessing these girls have a background, or he was watching them beforehand.

    That doesn't excuse the behavior of the police involved. Body cavity search is a bit much to pursue an M1 possession charge.. not to mention skipping consent. He deserves his punishment.

    Not switching gloves between girls is nasty too.. especially considering the one girl had a cyst in a bad area. This is just a fucked up case top to bottom
  11. ianzombie
    Thats pretty unbelievable stuff.
    Cavity searches at the side of a road, lit up by the car lights, people driving by and gloves not changed between people?
    What sort of people do they let become cops? I hope that sort of action is down to a lack of training, or stupidity and ignorance rather than that sort of conduct being sanctioned?
  12. Basoodler
    ^ I agree.

    The part that is really disturbing to me is there were no illegal drugs. Not a roach, a dropped seed or stem on the floorboard nothing! That and the fact he was so bent on finding drugs that he took her hydrocodone

    He did a DUI assessment prior to the search and the girl passed. Not to mention pulling them over for littering to begin with.
  13. nitehowler
    Hope these police get booted from their jobs cause this is total misuse of police powers .

    The coppers were probably going through withdrawals and were hangen for a free puff.
  14. hookedonhelping
    I guess I am the only one that thinks these two cops need to be stoned to death by their accusers. This story sickens me. I hope they take the State of Texas to the cleaners with this one. What took place was nothing short of molestation and criminal charges should be levied against these "officers" errr "PIGS".
  15. Basoodler

    Think we are all on the same page.

    After watching the video I am even more confused.

    First of all I don't see where the guy gets that the girls were acting weird. I mean you can't see in their car, and they may be in there doing crazy shit, but the audio sounds normal. They may have even been to polite about the accusations.

    Second and the most troubling aspect is the female officer! She doesn't pat them down really.. she goes strait for the boob check, then jumps right into the anal check.

    If it were me, I would have checked a couple more obvious hiding places before I resorted to finger checking an asshole. Apparently in that area its more common for females to conceal WEED in their assholes. I don't know.

    The male cop doest specificity tell the female cop to violate the ladies during the search. He just seemed paranoid about something. My guess is one or both of these girls have a background, which peaked his suspicion.

    The female cop needs incarcerated! Jesus Christ at least check her socks, her skirt liner, pockets , areas covered by the shirt that are not boobs, before you go knuckle deep in someone's asshole.. #2 if you go knuckle deep into an anus, CHANGE THE GLOVE before moving on the vagina..#3 change the gloves BEFORE moving on to the next girl! #4 follow #2 on the 2nd girl too. Christ the 2nd girls vag check had a mixture of 2 buttholes and another VAG.. not to mention one of the girls has cysts.

    #5 ask for consent before searching without probable cause. #6 warn people before you conduct a cavity search. #7 find privacy before performing a cavity search.

    ^ crazy shit, female cop deserves a few felonies

    Male cop is just an ass. But we don't know what was behind his paranoia. The car was her boyfriend's, who may or may not have a reputation. I do know that cops don't pull the "littering" shit unless they are just looking for a reason to pull a car over and search it. That and the girl's histories are unknown.
  16. MikePatton
    Those cops are no better than your typical rapist, and should be treated accordingly... Littering does not justify rape, neither do drugs.
  17. Hippiedave82
    Wow. Im just shocked.
    I live near and work in Irving. I drive 200 miles a day.. I couldve easily came across these "cops"...mother fuckers wouldnt of fingered my ass. Hah video might of turned out a little different ;p

    I understand theyre cops with power and authority...but these girls didnt seem to protest or resist at all...

    im probably a little out of line saying this, but those women share a small part of the blame. A very small part. They knew what was happening was wrong...yet out of fear they let them continue. They let them continue with that fucked up glove to...

    These officers should be charged with a sex crime for sure. They should definitely lose there jobs, and i would say they deserve time in jail....i doubt either will happen. If you hear anything please keep us posted Basoodler.
  18. talltom
    Another follow-up story.

    Outrage: Texas Women Cavity Searched by Police Over Alleged Marijuana Smell

    So you say you don't smoke pot, so how could the War on Drugs affect me?
    It's in Texas, but it could be anywhere in America... well, except now Washington and Colorado, because marijuana is not contraband there, and the smell of it in a car is not probable cause to search its driver and passengers.

    As reported by the UK Daily Mail and all over the national and international media, a trooper pulls over two women -- a woman and her niece -- for allegedly throwing a cigarette butt out of the car.

    While talking to the women in the car over a littering charge, the trooper claims he smells marijuana. He then searches the car and finds no marijuana. He then administers a sobriety test, which the woman who was driving passed. No marijuana, no impaired driving, and the observation of a police officer that they might have littered from a car that smells like pot.

    So, naturally, he calls a female trooper to the scene to search the women for any contraband marijuana they might have been hiding under their breasts, in their colons, or up their vaginas. Because sober littering driver pot smell drugs are bad, mmmkay?

    No, really. The female trooper puts on a pair of latex gloves, tugs on the bras and feels up the underboob of the first lady, then reaches down the crack of her ass to insert a finger into her anus, then turns her around to reach down the front of her pants to slip two fingers into her vagina. Then the female officer repeats the process with the other lady, without changing gloves.

    Why? Because marijuana is contraband. Medical marijuana doesn't fix this. Decriminalization doesn't fix this. Only legalization makes the possession of marijuana the possession of something that is not contraband.

    When one of the ladies, in shock, expresses the outrage she feels over being sexually assaulted by people with guns for allegedly littering, the male trooper actually says, "It's because someone's a daily [pot] smoker in that car, you can attribute it to that."

    When they started the "Don't Mess With Texas" anti-littering campaign, I do not think this was what they had in mind. What was the government's interest here, protecting other drivers in case one of them whipped out a blunt from her lady parts and lit it up while driving? That they may have been drug mules trying to smuggle... well, how much marijuana do you suppose they could have been carrying up there, anyway?

    The women are, of course, suing the shit out of the state troopers involved. It also turns out that one of the ladies' legally prescribed bottles of hydrocodone was missing, last handled by the police during the search. The women never gave consent to be searched and when questioning the searches were told, "don't worry about that." And the state troopers have been ignoring consistent complaints about this kind of punitive strip searching activity.

    January 2, 2013

  19. Nanashi
    "I am allowing you to search me but I am doing so under protest and duress. You do not have my permission and you will be hearing from my lawyer if you decide to perform a search of any kind."
    Always say that if a cop searches you without probable cause.^

    Thats fucked up that she didn't change her gloves. In the off chance that the cop facilitated the transmission of an STD the woman cop may very well have an even bigger lawsuit on their hands. No pun intended
  20. curlysue
    If I were the second girl that was searched I would have at least asked the officer to change her gloves before molesting me. Is a full cavity search normal procedure? A male officer has called in a female officer to perform a search on me, but she had me pull my bra away from my chest and shake it, and her hands did not go down my pants. On another occasion, I spent 11 horrible hours in county jail, I had to do the humiliating 'squat and cough,' but at no time did the officer touch me. We are brought up with parents, teachers, and law enforcement telling us that cops are here for our protection and they are our friends. If someone has never been in trouble with the law before, they probably aren't aware of normal police procedure. It's a fucked up thing that happened to these two women, whether or not they have prior arrests or incidences with law enforcement. The only positive thing I can say is that at least everything was on tape. There's no telling what else those officers have done to other people that has gone unreported.
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