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  1. enquirewithin
    Robert Anton Wilson wrote about Aleister Crowley in Illuminatus!, in Cosmic Trigger and many other books and articles. Crowley was a fictional character on Masks of the Illuminati but RAW didn't write much specifically about Crowley.[imgl=red][/imgl]

    He did a lecture, however, which used to be sold a tape, which is now available on Youtube.

    This is the introduction transcribed:

    First, Crowley rhymes with Holy. Aleister Crowley, a Linguistic Philosopher, studied virtually every form of Yoga and Consciousness development practices. Crowley said, don't believe anyone else's dogmas, draw your own conclusions. Crowley talked about a modern Aeon of Horus which is portrayed as a time of self-realization as well as a growing interest in all things spiritual. Robert Anton Wilson says that Crowley was like a cross between Sineade O'Conner and Madonna in a male form. RAW thinks of Crowley as a scientist in the consciousness alteration field similar to Stan Grof and John Lilly. Crowley named his so-called religion Thelema because he did not want to come back in 2,000 years and find that his work was called Crowleyanity similar to Christianity. In Thelema there are Koans similar to Buddhism that try to get the student to expand their conscious awareness by meditating on a confusing symbolic or metaphoric puzzle-like saying with multiple potential hidden meanings. Crowley was also fond of jokes within jokes where even his dirty jokes potentially have an allegory behind them similar to Rumi's love poems. Crowley will get you looking at wisdom schools like Kabbalah in a whole different light. Crowley was allegedly a member of MI5 British Intelligence which RAW calls, "The Double-Cross Bureau," along with Ian Flemming of 007 fame. RAW also compares Crowley's work to complicated books like "Finnegans Wake" by Irish author James Joyce.

    Crowley shared with Ludwig Wittgenstein, considered by some to be the greatest philosopher of the 20th century, the urge to submerge others in his own will, to overcome their alienness by dominating and influencing them. Both sought and found fanatical followers among brilliant, unstable undergraduates from Oxford and Cambridge. Through these was hope of influencing the cultural mainstream. However, just as Wittgenstein rejected the idea that his influence should be restricted to academics, so Crowley repudiates any suggestion that he is speaking to some class restricted in scope. As much as to the fortunate members of society he addresses himself to paupers and to prisoners. He is concerned to influence individual minds through unofficial channels, bringing creative as well as critical thinking to those normally felt to have no right to it.

    Crowley was one of the leading anti-Catholic revolutionaries of the last couple of centuries and when he talked about the Black Brothers as doers of evil casting a spell over mankind and putting us in slavery he was talking about the Roman Catholic Church.

    Crowley, like Gurdjieff, CHALLENGED his students and followers to RISE ABOVE the dogma that he himself espoused which in MANY cases was a "joke" or put-on to demonstrate just how unstable the average human intelligence is. If you never get the joke or raise your own level of intelligence then you become part of the "experiment" in mind-control. Have you ever heard the saying, "Some will hear the Truth, for others we speak in parables." ? If YOU do not take responsibility for YOUR OWN awareness then you literally "cause" your own suffering.

    The whole tape is here:

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  1. Cash.Nexus
    A. Crowley, what a guy. Every generation seems to rediscover Crowley; he was iconographic in the counterculture of the 1960's, & Jimmy Page of Led Zepellin bought Crowley's old estate "Boleskine House" on Loch Ness, Scotland.

    Another point of possible empathy was Crowley's addiction to heroin, which he was prescribed. His doctor finally cut him off... "He and his last doctor died within 24 hours of each other; newspapers would claim, in differing accounts, that Dr. Thomson had refused to continue his opiate prescription and that Crowley had put a curse on him." (Wikipedia.) Nice one! >( ;~/
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