Rolling Stoned - Part 1

By Rhin · Jul 11, 2008 ·
  1. Rhin
    SWIM is liking the whole blog thing so he will have a different title with a different "Part" beside it ever time he mixes different substances and every time he does a substance by itself. SWIM has only Rolled twice but he was stoned both times so he will tell them here.

    Day 1
    - SWIM was very curious about E about 2 weeks ago so he did some searching on this forum and found out stuff about E. Since he had two tabs in his room he took one out and split it in half and ate one half. Nothing happened so an hour later he took the other half and nothing happened. After that he hit a Waterfall and really felt it kick in. He just listened to music and closed his eyes as he could visualize anything in the world that he could imagine in full bright colors and he loved it. The music added to the effect as it warmed his body and made it feel so much better.

    Day 2 - SWIM heard that if you rolled again a week later it wouldn't work but since it didn't work without weed the first time he decided to try it again the next week. He snorted a full tab and waited (he was stoned all day but burnt out for an hour before the snorting took place) it burnt but it didn't burn as much as people said. SWIM just did it in 4 rails and felt good. He felt the effects soon after and he wanted to turn them up so him and his friends walked to the park and he made a 4 liter waterfall with a milk jug. This was the best waterfall he had ever made and he took 3 of them. After he threw up (Yes he threw up) he felt amazing and walked around town with his friends listening to music. Later that night he went home with his friend and just relaxed smoking bowls on the trampoline and listening to music. This to him was the greatest feeling of happiness in his life. Just talking about old times SWIM and his friend used to have made him so happy for some reason. It was such a relaxed night and it felt amazing.

    SWIM is done E for a while but there's other drugs out there he want's to try so he should have one up for Shrooms, Cocaine, and DXM. Most of SWIM's blogs will be about Marijuana (somehow) and Alcohol and just his everyday life.

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