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  1. chillinwill
    Following a 226 to 3 vote in the Chamber of Deputies, the MP’s initiative to ban the sale and use of light drugs and ethnobotanicals has turned into law. According to it, the use and sale of hallucinogen and ethno-botanical substances will be punished with prison time from 6 months to 3 years.

    The law also stipulates a list of such products, which is to be brought up-to-date by a Health Ministry commission in eight weeks since enforcement.

    The Deputy Chamber vote today comes as a result of a draft launched one year ago by independent MP Tudor Ciuhodaru and a group of MPs assuming the draft law. In his turn, state secretary Valentin Iliescu says the MP initiative coincides with a Government emergency norm to be approved in special meeting today. The Government has formally asked the EU in various circumstances for an opinion on the matter and waited for an answer that never came, thus deciding to proceed with an emergency draft law.

    Controversies over the light drug use law were not singular.

    In the point of view sent to the MPs, government members did not support the initiative but, according to State Secretary Valentin Iliescu, this comes as a result of an immediate need for proper legislation in the matter.

    Another draft law was initiated last Wednesday following a joint meeting of Health Ministry, the Anti-Drug National Agency, the Narcotics’ Police department and the Pharmacy School in Bucharest.

    The draft was subject to harsh criticism from the opposition members.

    Social-Democrat Cristian Dumitrescu argued the law was already subject to MP’s consideration, so he suggested “double submission of the same law is worse than omission.” Also, Liberal Eugen Nicolaescu, former health minister disapproved of what he called “the Government’s demagogical approach.”

    “The Government should do its job and carry on the lawmaker’s voted decisions,” Nicolaescu said.

    During the debates, one of the law’s initiators, MP Ciuhodaru reminded everyone he himself had signaled the sales of light drugs in Romania and the first intoxication case in Iasi, a year ago.

    In his turn, PDL MP Sever Voinescu said coherent action must be taken in order to prevent the use of these drugs.

    “I am afraid this is all pioneering action and is not the result of a coherent idea. The Government should assume responsibility when modifying the dangerous substance list,” Voinescu said.

    Meanwhile, the Senate’s Health Commission gave a negative vote to three draft laws concerning the same issue, light drugs. The commission head, Ion Vasile rejected the projects arguing that a “similar draft law will be approved in emergency meeting by the Government.” PM Emil Boc on Friday asked the Health Ministry to finalize the draft law in the matter, following several intoxication cases that have been brought to public attention lately.

    Sixteen teenagers were reportedly admitted to hospital following intoxication with light drugs, the Grigore Alexandrescu Children’s Hospital officials say.

    Last week, a young man died in Bucharest after consumption. According to the Health Minister, specialized shops sell a full list of ethnobotanicals that have a similar effect to psychotropic drugs.

    by: Olivia Urban
    February 10, 2010
    Nine O'Clock


  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Re: Mild drugs use to be punished with prison

    Gov’t bans 36 hallucinogenic substances and plants, equals them to illicit drugs

    The Romanian Government on Wednesday decided to ban the trade, possession and use of 36 hallucinogenic substances and plants by equalling them to illicit drugs.

    ‘We are suggesting that 27 substances and 9 plants be included in the annex of banned substances to Law 143/2000 by banning and equalling them to illicit drugs. Trade, sale or possession of these substances will be penalised according to the legislation in force,’ says Health Minister Cseke Attila.

    Sale of the 36 substances and plants will become illegal after the new decision comes into force. The Health Ministry has suggested a transitional deadline for the destruction of the stocks of such plants and substances existing at the coming into force of the new decision.

    11 Februarie 2010
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    Salvia divinorum, psilocybe mushrooms are among hallucinogenic herbs banned by gov’t

    Salvia divinorum, the hallucinogenic psilocybe mushrooms, addictive ketamine and mephedrone are among the herbs and substances banned by the Government by an emergency ordinance passed on Wednesday.

    The act lists the herbs and substances the growing, production, manufacturing, transformation, offer, sale, distribution, acquisition, purchase and illegal possession of which now amount to crime.

    The effects produced by these substances are similar to those of the psychotropic substances, as they have a direct effect on the brain, create confusion, loss of identity, hallucination, curbed attention and such adverse effects as strong headache combined with severe panic attacks, Health Minister Cseke Attila said after the Government’s meeting.

    Among the above-mentioned herbs and substances that are now illegal, Cseke also cited bath salt that creates an addiction and that has already caused several deaths.

    The stocks of such banned substances should be destroyed by the owners or possessors 10 days since the ordinance takes effect, but this should be done only in laboratories and companies authorised for their destruction.
    The cultivation, production and sale of the risk drugs shall be punished by three to 15 years in prison, while the high-risk drugs carry sentences ranging from 10 to 20 years in prison.

    Buying or possessing the risk drugs for one’s personal unauthorised consumption is punishable by six months to two years imprisonment or by a fine, while in the case of the high-risk drugs the sentence is two to five years imprisonment.

    More than 1,000 persons required assistance in 2009 after having taken such substances and herbs. In early 2009, there were 18 shops that traded the now-banned substances, while at the end of August the number of such shops had surged to 121, i.e. a 672 percent rise. The number of the shops had tripled since August, Government’s spokeswoman Ioana Muntean said by citing Police statistic figures.

    The Romanian Government on Wednesday decided to ban the trade, possession and use of 36 hallucinogenic substances and plants by equalling them to illicit drugs.

    ‘We are suggesting that 27 substances and nine plants be included in the annex of banned substances to Law 143/2000 by banning and equalling them to illicit drugs,’ said Health Minister Cseke Attila.

    11 Februarie 2010
  3. c3h5n3o9
    there is a post here about mephedrone status in Romania (there is the full list)
    psilocybe mushrooms ware illegal until this new low.
    The new list is "imposible". Now amanita muscaria (that can be finded in the romanian forest) and morning glory (at least 1 in 10 garden in bucharest has morning glory- not for LSA, just decorative)
    The low has been passed but has not been officially published.
    I will publish what i will find in the romanian newspaper and other sites.
  4. Alfa
    Here it is:
  5. Thirdedge
    Many countries seem to be banning Nymphaea caerulea after it was listed as an ingredient in Spice, however it is barely active. Besides, most all other waterlily's and lotus's seem to have similar active constituents. This is prohibition gone totally insane. May as well just ban nature all together.
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