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  1. chillinwill
    Prime Minister Emil Boc on Friday urged the Health Ministry to quickly complete a law banning the consumption of psychedelic plants, which in Romania is unregulated and has caused the death of many teenagers, according to the premier.

    "I want this normative act to be adopted with urgency, irrespective of whether or not there is an approval from the European Commission for the prohibition of psychedelic plant consumption. I believe this drug consumption has an extremely negative impact on youths and has caused numerous deaths among teenagers. I believe we must take a stand as soon as possible," Emil Boc said, according to local press reports.

    The prime minister added that the phenomenon seemed to be out of control in Bucharest.

    Romanian police seized 1.6 tons of drugs last year, 400 per cent more than in 2008. The total market value of the confiscated drugs nears €167 million.

    The drugs most heavily trafficked in Romania include cannabis, heroin, ecstasy and cocaine.

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