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Romanian man dead of suspected drug overdose

By torachi, May 13, 2011 | Updated: May 23, 2011 | |
  1. torachi
    [A few notes before we begin: This was all poorly translated from Romanian. The message is still there, if you read carefully. If anyone knows a way to make it more clear, please do/let me know. Also many countries, especially eastern European, refer to K2 or Spice blends as 'ethnobotanicals'. It is not clear at all what exactly he consumed or how he consumed it.]

    Young man found lifeless on Thursday afternoon in his apartment Obcini district has experienced a violent death, caused by cardio-respiratory failure due to acute poisoning with an unknown substance, fixed, yesterday Following autopsy forensic experts. The conclusions they come to reinforce suspicions that people like Eugene Ursariu law, aged 29, can die from an overdose with ethnobotanical.

    Forensics have biological samples which were sent to laboratories at the Department of Forensic Science, to identify the substance in Eugene Ursariu slain.

    I found the house more than 500 sachets of ethnobotanical

    Police confirmed yesterday the information provided solely by the Gazette of Suceava, according to Eugene's apartment Ursariu which were found in about 500 bags with ethnobotanical.

    Eugen Ursariu worked through 2010 as a salesman at a store "dreams" from the bus station on Ana (station "Bank").

    Once in Suceava, the authorities have put locks on those areas which were sold in so-called legal highs, the young man would have given up this business, judging by the large amount of ethnobotanical sachets found in apartment where he lived with Eugene Ursariu with his mother.
    The latter, moreover, found his lifeless son, Thursday, around 17:00, when he returned from work.

    "He found the apartment door closed, and when he entered inside his room to find her son unconscious, lying on the floor. She tried to wake him, but immediately realized that he is dead, "he said yesterday, a spokesman for the County Police Inspectorate (IPJ) Suceava, mainly inspector Gabriel Pantiru.

    Hazardous dusts received by courier from distributors in the country

    Sources among our investigators have testified that in addition to the ethnobotanical sachets in Ursariu family apartment and found several packages sent by courier, parcel by the young man receiving hazardous dust.

    The survey was undertaken by officers of the Brigade Service Drug Crime Suceava.

    "After conducting research on the spot inside the chamber were identified several bags with unknown substances, which are to be examined to determine whether they fall under the category of those prohibited by law," said Pantiru.


    A young 29-year-old was found dead yesterday afternoon at his home on Station Street Obcini neighborhood. Terrible discovery was made even by his mother who had returned from work and found their son fell down lifeless.

    The young man called Eugen Ursariu and relatives call it a "freight" and is known in the area as a distributor of ethnobotanical and as sources from his entourage, the young man was a hopeless consumer of powder and legal substance, though he said so himself knew that he suffers from heart problems and in the past happened to faint or even reach the consumption of these substances emergencies. In Ursariu family home, police found approximately 500 forensic envelopes containing ethnobotanical products, which strengthened the hypothesis that the young man deal with this kind of product distribution.

    During these days, necropsy was performed which revealed that young man's death occurred after a poisoning with an unknown substance, and in the next period, the laboratory technical-scientific investigation to determine the name of the substance.


    Ethnobotanicals put him in his grave. He was 29 years, but ran out of breath after drinking bags full of ethnobotanical. Man use and legal drug supply Suceava.

    Police found him lifeless in his apartment in Suceava. At first glance, the body no traces of violence, but investigators have a hunch regarding the cause of death.

    At home they found hundreds of bags that seem to contain ethnobotanical. Investigators believe the young man selling them on the black market, but it was a consumer. Only laboratory expertise may indicate whether the young are substances found in his apartment or ethnobotanical.

    Other tests will determine if the victim's body had traces of drugs and whether they have caused death. Sources who wished to remain anonymous said that the man worked some time ago in a shop of dreams, and when it closed, they continued to sell young ethnobotanical clandestinely. In addition, he was out after police had several convictions for theft.



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