Ron Paul debates Stephen Baldwin on marijuana legalization

By chillinwill · Mar 15, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
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    U.S. Rep. Ron Paul squared off against actor Stephen Baldwin on the topic of marijuana legalization on Larry King Live tonight.
    Joy Behar filled in for Larry who was MIA.

    Congressman Paul was, as usual, spot on with his analysis of the situation. Mr. Baldwin was uncharacteristicly quiet
    I presume because he had nothing intelligent to say that could counteract the truth.

    Larry King Live
    March 13, 2009

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  1. cannabis-sam
    Alex balwin what a CUNT!, he new he was wrong after the first couple of points from ron paul. That ron paul seems a really decent bloke, i get a warm feeling from him, and that baldwin fucker makes me cringe.

    Very good points, glad you guys have politicians like him.
  2. SmokeRings
    What is more amazing is that he's a Republican in Texas!!! SWIM loves her some Ron Paul, he's definitely someone who can and will most likely lead the legalization if and when it happens.
    However, if he's truly never done drugs, SWIM feels most anti-drug folks find him laughable at best. While most of his points were great, for him to say that there would be no MJ related accidents is guesswork at best. SWIM agrees with him, but wouldn't say that is a true statement, as there's no proof to back it up.
    Great post!
  3. morrison
    Swim has only watched part of Baldwin's initial remarks thus far and what strikes swim as ironic is he states that weed is a gateway drug that leads to worse things such as alcohol. Is it just swim or is it fucked up that someone opposing the legalization of one drug refers to that very substance as a gateway to worse things and in this case worse things being a legal substance? This may very well be addressed in the debate but that is swim's first thought.

    As far as the mj related accidents go swim believe his point wasn't so much that it doesn't happen as it's not common to see people being arrested solely for driving under the influence of it as with alcohol nor are there commonly reported accidental deaths on the road due to someone being baked as opposed to someone w/a .35 blood alcohol level. As far as anti-drug folks finding him laughable how can anyone take most of them seriously? Really the worst have no experience w/any drugs so have no frame of reference to go by other then the anti drug propraganda which is so over the top it's not even funny. Swim found Ron's attitude very refreshing coming from someone that claims to have no experience with mj.
  4. drug-bot
    ron paul just bitched smacked baldwin with facts and logic.
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