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Rs 2 cr worth hashish, ganja & bullets seized from border village

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Rs 2 cr worth hashish, ganja & bullets seized from border village

    MOTIHARI: In a drive against smuggling, police raided a house at Bahuari village under Ramgarhwa police station near the India-Nepal border on
    Tuesday and seized 110 kg hashish, 34 kg ganja and five live cartridges worth Rs 2 crore. Three notorious smugglers have been arrested in this connection.

    East Champaran superintendent of police Umesh Kumar said the three, Mohmmad Shahzad, Mohammad Shafiullah and Muzaffar Alam, were preparing to transport these smuggled narcotics to a big city. This is the biggest-ever narcotics haul by police in this border district recently.

    Acting on a tip-off, Customs sleuths, led by superintendent V N Mishra, intercepted a Bolero jeep and recovered one quintal of smuggled ganja worth Rs 5 lakh near the Chapra-Bahas village in East Champaran district on Monday. G H Khan, assistant commissioner of Customs, Motihari, said a notorious smuggler of Uttar Pradesh was wanted in this case. Customs is in search of the Blooero's owner.

    According to another information, SSB jawans seized smuggled goods like fertilizers, mustard oil, vegetable oil, sugar and cycles, which were being smuggled across to Nepal, near Raxaul on the India-Nepal border on Monday night. But no one was arrested as the smugglers fled taking advantge of the darkness all around.

    Chandra Bhushan Pandey, TNN 21 October 2009, 04:10am IST


    2 crore equals about $430,000 USD


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