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  1. Charles Bukowski
    New legislation on head shops planned

    Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern has said the Government is drawing up new legislation to ban all psychotropic drugs for human consumption.

    The new law will also give more powers to gardaí to raid head shops, seize their products and close them down.

    Mr Ahern says the onus will then be on the owner of such businesses to go to court and prove that they are running a legitimate business and not selling psychotropic products.

    Today, the head of the National Drug Treatment Centre said doctors were seeing an increase in patients presenting with psychosis and psychiatric problems as a result of having taken products on sale in head shops.

    Dr John O'Connor said these substances were extremely dangerous and should not be legalised because it is not known what is in them.

    He said a number of patients had to be committed to psychiatric hospitals as a result of taking so-called legal highs.

    Friday, 16 April 2010 19:49


  1. Charles Bukowski
    Has anyone in the know seen drafts of the legislation coming in June ?

    How can the government "ban all psychotropic drugs" ?
    Has anyone told them alcohol is a drug ?
  2. Stu Bai
    It has to be sensationalist/poorly worded journalism.

    The way I am reading the papers, it looks like the law is entirely subjective once the black and white ban on the shop favourites comes in in June. After that, the Gardai essentially have carte blanche to decide which products they consider to be psychotropic and can close the headshops down pending appeal. Now obviously even the Gardai know bath salts, incense, and plant feeder are not and are intended to be used as psychotropic substances so it looks like the headshops would be going back to bongs and Bob Marley papers as the main source of income.

    It's just too strange a law. Heck, it's not even a law. ''If we decide it's psycotrophic, it will be banned''.

  3. akack2
    Common sense would know that that law is a joke and unenforceable...but sure the Gardaí are good at that sort of thing.
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